Calling All Users!


Hi Open Window here just letting you know we’re gonna need users help.

You see 3 years ago a little pink Bunny called coco was embroiled in a really serious legal case. I can’t go into to the details but to say kids be careful where you put those AA batteries! It ended up costing the poor little fella millions. I’m hoping you can find it in your heart to reach in and make a small donation. Each time you donate a cent coco’s face just lights up and makes Open Window feel real warm inside.


Calling All IT/Web/Media Skilled people…

If you think you have some time to devote to help this site grow and change. Then email with a pledge of support for future developments.

Include the word SUPPORT in the title followed by your general skill set / role.

You can then add whatever level of detail you want to in the email.

Please use your site username. For now we don’t need hard details.
I merely want to get a better idea of the broad skill base that seems to exist on thepin.

Remember its for Coco! He hasn’t been the same since :frowning:

Open Window


Quick question - why email and not PM?

BTW: Coco has people for a belly button!


email is easier to use than the PM facility in some instances.


Found this - had to riff:


What about the women??


Can’t figure out how to put this image on here. If it’s possible would someone care to tell me how?–.asp :laughing:

We’ll just wait at home and make buttons and bunting, and have a nice cup of tea waiting for you when you get in.


You need to save it [the image] to a hosted service such as photobucket and copy and paste the link from there as I’ve done …


Pour toi at les autres:


That’s far more suitable WGU. Me and my Harp are ready and willing to help in any way we can. :smiley:

I forgot to highlight that in the previous poster, the wording is “have you got any women WORTH defending?” Love it. :laughing:

Proximo, thanks for doing that for me and explaining, it was the saving the image part I couldnae figure out. But I’ve got it now. Ta.


Your suggestion with a tweak!


:laughing: Very good. Dja use photoshop or wha?


Nah - Microsoft Digital Image - no real day-to-day need for pro tools.

Last one - had to make a tech joke somewhere along the way:


Hey OW, what sort of mad skillz are you looking for?


IT mainly- email me


We’ve had a good response. If you want to pledge support just email as link above this thread is now locked and moved into the open dev forum. Thanks to all who contacted me thus far.