- Donate your PC and change the world!

No this is not spam but a promise I made some time ago to draw pinsters attention to what I rate as an innovative and some might say dam obvious idea but its being done and done well by the looks of it.

An Irish charity, takes your old PC hardware giving it a new lease of life by utilising open source software and shipping it to communities in africa where even one PC will make a huge difference to African kids daily lives.

This may be of immediate interest and benefit to many pinsters here. I know there are a lot of ye tech heads here too who might be in control of IT Hardware policies. Why not integrate PC disposal with a all round good job solution such as offer.
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You don’t just have to donate PCs, you can donate yourself :wink: If you feel you can add you IT skills to their volunteer effort I am sure they would love to hear form you -
Look this is what they have to say…

So it looks like they will even take those of you who have masted at least the “quote” button function on the forum and maybe they even take you faceless masses know as the lurkers :unamused: :smiley: Us MODS & Admin as known as the “the lookers” 8)

Do your bit :exclamation: …Open Window Over & Out! :smiley:

**Please note this abuse of Admin powers is dam well over due :smiling_imp:
I will remove this announcement in a few days and place in the Online Resources & Tracking tools forum. **

There are of course other ways to decommission a hard drive…

And there I was thinking the department of Education bought up all the old defunct PCs at original full price and put them in our schools (you’d want to see the old shite the schools have). (A second thing you’d want to see is the price the schools get charged to upgrade them - 100% markup on the parts and 70-90 euro an hour).

Not to mention €30/€40 reams of a4 paper which I truly hope s not true but you can’t be sure.

Hilarious, I hope those PC’s ended up with Camara!

For the record I hope to visit Camara and find out more information myself. I have no connection or first hand experince of the operation apart form meetin one member by a kind of chance and that how I became awre of it.

To me on the face of the presentation they make I believe this is one of those rare human efforts squarely in the right direction and deserves a lo t more exposure not for what it oes but why and how its doing it.

It was also set up by a former Irish Investment Banker & Engineer. Not unlike many pinsters here.

They were very very old and went to recycling. They were in the US as well, so I don’t think Camera would have picked them up from there! :wink:

My autofocus goes like that after a night on the “Brian Cowen”

Old PC’s are fine I believe… where you involved in this whizz :imp:

Did they want 7 year old sun sparc boxes?

I wasn’t involved!


Maybe 7 year old machines can run Linux? You tell me. I know my 9 year old PC is still able to run XP well for standard stuff so I guess Linux powered OS on this beast would do well.

They looked like Ultra 5s or maybe SPARCstations, still have an Ultra 5 under my desk in work, gotta love those old pizzaboxes 8)

sent a load of old kit to camara a few months ago.
didn’t deal with them personally but gathered kit up.
I think they pretty much take anything (printers, pcs, monitors, peripherals).
They took a over 100 PCs so seem to be a decent sized setup.

SPARCs can’t run windows and I’m pretty sure they can’t run Linux either. totally different architecture to Intel based systems. I don’t think that the memory would even have worked! Either way, the company needed the money and sold them to a PC scrap merchant.

Well spotted nemonoid! I think that’s exactly what they were! … em_support

I sit corrected.

I’ll stand by you (it’ll make me look tall).