Cameron & the pig

Twitter is a buzz tonight. Rancid.

That’s the end of him.

Good riddance too.

Makes Corbyn’s open neck collar look rather benign!

Sounds like fairly typical undergrad salacious gossip of the era. Very amusing when repeated in the JCR or Dining Hall but always treated by the both parties as essentially fictitious. The private dining clubs were an endless source of such tales. Mostly spread by those who could not get in. And further embellished by those club members trying to spice up what were mostly rather predictable and essentially dreary affairs. All the real debauchery tended to happen at the private parties…

Given that both Johnson and Cameron had serious political ambitions before they left Eton, and given just how politically sophisticated Etonians were from the get go (I knew several of Johnsons contemporaries…their self possession and composure was eerie), I cannot imagine that they would have made that kind of basic mistake in the fishbowl that was 1980’s Oxford. Even when drunk or stoned.

This sounds like the sort of story that was made up by a Wykehamists. A Harrovian would not have enough imagination to make the target of excrescence a pigs head. Rather, a live pig would have been the punch line to the story. Would have made for much more amusing farmyard sound effects in the retelling.

And from such greatly embroidered tales history is made…

He’s only keeping the seat warm for Boris, who could probably take such a story in his stride.

Yeah he’s already said he’s out after this term. I doubt this will have much negative impact.

Fairly tame stuff when you consider what Ted Heath was up to. Anyway, it’s part of their culture.

Unless he subsequently served said pig to the queen, it’s not even worthy of mention.
Tame stuff compared to what some students get up to.

“it” and “they” being pig-head-fucking and The English respectively?

It’s quite obviously true from the reaction - or lack thereof. And it’s also quite obvious that there’s photographic evidence.

If the photo is printed, he’s smoked.

Yes, but it could be limited to a smaller subset of English people who become leaders of the Conservative Party.

Downing Street refusing to comment.
BBC saying nothing.
I can’t wait for the Oink Oinks at the next PMQs

If there’s a picture he’s a gonner . (Ashcroft buys VC medals. I bet if anyone has a photo he has it by now)

Ah, PigGate, Swine-11 … whatever this scandal is called, Ashcroft’s book is going to be massively damaging regardless of whether the pig story is true - if the photographic evidence really exists Cameron just cannot go out in public again, ever. There’s bound to be more hideous stories coming out about his Bullingdon days. And as for Osborne smirking about this story in China … well, he managed to make that prostitute with her yet-to-be-published tell-all memoir mysteriously go away for now, but for how long? Most damaging in the long run are the allegations that Cameron lied about knowing that Ashcroft was a non dom … no, okay, the pig story is one he will never be able to get over. How can he ever represent Britain on the international stage with this story out there? Seriously? He’s a laughing stock.

Probably more likely the story is a goner if a photo is released than Cameron.

Once people put away whatever hi-res mental images they’ve conjured up, a real image from what would most likely be a crappy disposable camera in poor light will probably be inconclusive as to the identities involved let alone the actions.

Bunga bunga.

And it’s not printed, would he be, ehem, cured?


Boar Oral Stunt Stuns PM

Cameron Sated and Elated By Hogpate Fellation

Cameron Shoat’s His Load


Hog’s Head Head-Giving Horror After Hogshead of Hooch

Sow Wows With PM Blowjob

Deep Shoat

PM’s Prick in Porky’s Chops

There exists a world in which beastiality and necrophilia pass as tame? :open_mouth:

Gives a whole new meaning to ‘Piggies at the trough’.

And if you knew anything of the milieu and the rather febrile atmosphere of the time and the place you’d know it was an invention. A fairly mild one in context. The more insidious, and damaging ones, were less fantastical. And slightly more plausible.

And as for Ashcroft, very much the Conservative Parties Cap’n Bob. With the added bonus Ashcroft seems to be a classic minor public school type with a massive chip on his shoulder about the subject. Hence the hatchet job on Cameron.

You probably dont remember the Labour Parties very own deeply embarrassing dodgy millionaire businessman .

I expect Ashcroft to do a “Maxwell” in the Belize jungle one of these days. His business interests are just as fraudulent as Cap’n Bob’s were. As is his familiarity with telling the truth.

At least those at the receiving end of Berlusconi’s “affections” of his own species. And alive. And not dismembered.

Now there’s a post I never thought I’d write.