Cameron & the pig

haha, what a load of patronising nonsense …
Ever heard of Robert Maxwell? Have ya sonny? :laughing:

Just look at the Right wingers - wriggling like worms - trying to convince the world that a) it’s possibly all made up (despite the complete lack of denial); while hedging their bets with b) “I mean, who hasn’t stuck their penis in the mouth of a dead pig during a party with friends?”

The sound effects required would be anguished human ones.

Some people need to get a sense of proportion. Forever trying to paint a drunken undergraduate sticking his todger into the entree at a dinner party as serious bondage, necrophilia and bestiality really is flogging a dead horse.

I’m here all week, Try the veal.

(You might want to give the suckling pig a miss.)

Im more surprised that people are so surprised at this…it seems quite clear that standard morality only applies to the plebs…the ruling classes are born to rule and indulge…and they know it…

Sex and sexuality seem to play a central role in the manner in which these ‘people’ seek to exert their dominion…Im assuming that the pig would be deemed to be representative of something in symbolic terms, possibly the mass of ‘swine’ over whom the members of the club/society would be expected to rule in the future…the recurring scandals relating to the sexual abuse of vulnerable children and others by elites in numerous societies again points to what these ‘people’ (and the societies designed by them in their own image) are really about…a propensity to fuck all round them, especially the weak (often deemed to be lesser creatures), is obviously bred into them from an early age…

Ah poor old “call me Dave”, sure he just misinterpreted the phrase sowing his wild oats.

People are reading far to much into this. What Cameron did (if indeed he did do it) was a display of extreme vulgarity and the British, in particular the English, see vulgarity as a virtue, one who has a fantastic sense of humour and one who is quite down to earth.

Anyone here ever being to a rugby team initiation process or an Englishman’s stag party (police ones are apparently notorious)?

And this new virtue, vulgarity, cuts across all social backgrounds.

As the old saying goes ‘‘Don’t get caught with a dead pig or a live sheep’’ … or something like that.

Pood post (PtG).

Very funny to see the right-wing wonks trying to find a framework to explain away their golden boy putting his cock in a pig.

There isn’t really anything different with this story and the institutionalised rape in English upper-class boarding schools. The societies and houses force all members to compromise themselves so they are beholden to the rest of them.

Nice. Can we have less racist tarring of a whole country with the brush of the perverted, please? I don’t know any English people who would see this kind of “vulgarity” (an understatement if there ever was one) as a virtue, it’s a pretty appalling statement to make. However, it does seem that the aristocracy and super rich see themselves as not being bound by the same rules as the rest of us plebs. There is nothing normal, “ah sure it’s just the lads” about this, and whether the story is true or not, the fact that the Tory press are trying to pass this off as normal university high jinks speaks volumes about that class.

Tbh I’m gonna assume this isn’t true until proven otherwise. I’m not a Cameron supporter or a “right wing wonk” however. I’ll just await something more than hearsay (seriously I don’t know why we bother wasting money trying people that Twitter/Facebook have already found guilty…)

However if it is true it’s surely a resigning matter?

Nobody is defending what he did.
But a stupid college prank like this doesn’t automatically disqualify him from office 30 years later.

I’d be far more concerned with the likes of Mick Wallace knowing and purposely defrauding the state though fiddling his VAT returns than something he did in college 30 years ago.

Disagree. If the pictures exist. Which I fully expect they do. Then he’s clearly open to being blackmailed with them.
It reveals weakness of character and judgement and a deep need to belong (at almost any cost) to a “chosen group”.

Turns out that he’s exactly the kind of feeble, class-driven, bish bash bosh tosser that I always suspected he was.

Well Maxwell went swimming off his boat 25 years ago. So unless you are in your 40’s probably not a contemporary story.

And if you believe the story then it says more about your credulity and inverse snobbery better than any argument one could make. You “lack of denial” logic is of the “when did you stop beating your wife” sort.

In my experience all the most vicious sociopaths who got their kicks from bizarre practices were very much of a leftist persuasion. The Alan B’stards of the era were more likely to be Militant Tendency than Thatcherite. Leftist really like their kink. It goes with the self righteousness, petty moralizing and glorification of “revolutionary” violence.

So the story is just another smear from a fraudster.

And can we have less of your literal mindedness please because of course I don’t see every single English person as a vulgarian. Events like these happen, there’s websites dedicated to them. Google them.(Not suitable for work though).

No, what it seems is a bout of reverse snobbery taking place. Are you also trying to tell me that the working class don’t get involve in this type of behavior?

You aren’t really being serious when you deny that the reported story is about bestial necrophilia, are you? To deny that you would have to completely ignore the allegations within the report. If Dave pokes a dead pig with with his honourable member, he is engaging in bestial necrophilia. What I find even more disturbing (and it is disturbing if an adult engages in sexual activity with a dismembered animal, human or otherwise), is the number of people who dismiss this as a mere ‘student prank’, if it happened, that is.

OED: necrophilia: Fascination with death and dead bodies; esp. sexual attraction to, or intercourse with, dead bodies.
OED: bestiality 3. Sexual intercourse between a person and an animal.

Whooosh! :wink:

(That one has been doing the rounds for longer than I remember.)

Let’s say that it’s true and think about it a bit.

Why didn’t the story get published during his first term?

  • Possibly because it would have killed the coalition and forced an election, in which the Tories would’ve done very poorly.
  • This also explains why the photo hasn’t come to light before now (if indeed it exists).
  • Publishing the story during a Tory majority government makes it possible to hand over power within the party.

Someone must be forcing “call me Dave” out of office, in order to appoint another Tory as PM. Who? BoJo?
Ashcroft is hardly the main instigator - he’s doing it for someone else. To whom would he be closest among the current front bench?

Can Cameron weather the storm?
It really depends on what’s available to back up the story. A couple of witness accounts might be enough; a decent photo would be useful.
It will depend on the Tory parliamentary party, which in turn will depend on how much credence the general (southern England) public gives the story.
As it stands currently, the whole thing seems a bit like silly season (and I’m no fan of Cameron).

At what stage of processing/dismemberment do animal parts progress from something which qualifies as “bestial necrophilia” to use of meat as an onanistic aid?

Just asking like.

does Dave actually have any real fans, I don’t even think his own party like him

Seriously, were you locked up during the Tory downfall period ?
You think “leftists” went to public schools
where buggery and male initiation rights are the norm?
You think “leftists” have as much money for midget dominatrix hookers as Cameron’s chum ?
You’re a raving lunatic.