Can anyone shed some light on a German investment company?


I have been approached by Dolphin German Property Investments and am unsure of their reputation.

After extensive documentation (from Dolphin), and travel to Germany to see the properties in question, I’m more than happy to invest, but am trying to ease that last niggling doubt as this is the first time I’ve come across them (after decades in the finance industry).
Quick Google searches are not helping me at all, so I’m hoping a boardsie has some input.

Does anyone know of any reason not to trust them?
Any bad experiences?

Equally, I’d love to hear good reviews.
(Just to clarify, I have no affiliation with this company at all.)

Thanks, in advance…


I hope Guarded was not persuaded to invest in Dolphin.

Nine years later,

More than 1,800 Irish investors caught up in the collapse of a German property group last year are being told of the difficulties they face in any attempt to get hold of assets on which they have a claim, and which have an uncertain value.

The Germany Property Group (GPG), formerly known as Dolphin Trust, collapsed last year after taking more than €1 billion from investors in the Republic, the UK, Asia and elsewhere since it was set up by businessman Charles Smethurst in 2008.


The 10% commission could have been more persuasive to whomever was advising…

It will be interesting to see does any Central Bank scrutiny come down on the advisors. I know Wealth Options, as a trustee are/were in court over this. In the UK, the FCA correctly(and sometimes incorrectly) would go after individual advisors and get an order forcing the broker/advice firm to reimburse the client.