Can the Public sector be trimmed?

Talking to some civil servant friends of mine it sounds like if you have a permanent job in the civil service it sounds like basically cannot lose your job, short of a war or Coup d’état. Is this the case?

Could the government make a slew of civil servants redundant?

No, they can offer a generous *early retirement *scheme though 8)

Seriously though, no matter how generous a voluntary scheme was, the unions would never agree to a real reduction in numbers it weakens their finances and power base.

What if they issue redundancies without union agreement? How long can people afford to be on strike for?

Thats the place to start then, do a maggie thatcher on the civil service unions and the rest will fall into place.

Love her or hate her, Maggie had balls, can you say the same about any of our current crop of “leaders”.

Aw Jaysus OZZY you’re stretching a point calling them “leaders”, I think its more like the indifferent being lead by the unintelligent twisted by greed and voted for by the mesmerised. :open_mouth:

I’ve been working in the public sector for the last four
years and
as soon as you pass a certain amount of time you
become permanent. I’ve yet to see someone fired,
despite witnessing some gross incompetence. NOBODY
gets fired, ever, ever. Thats why its so bloated and
impossible for anyone to reform. I say now is the time
to take on a lot of the unions, ie nurses etc. Now that the
good times are gone so is public sympathy…

Hence the “”, I probably should have been more specific, how about
:wink: :wink: :wink: leaders :wink: :wink: :wink:

Classic :smiley:

What do you think would happen if they tried to force redundancies? Would people strike? If they broke the strikers would those left behind have a bit more ambition about them? Or would things return to normal do you think?

Years and years ago when I was a civil service union rep, I postualted on how best to strike and it probably still holds good.

  1. Down tools in all revenue collecting offices, i.e. strike in Collector Generals, Customs & Excise etc
  2. Do not strike in revenue neutral or payment offices (i.e. the rest).
  3. Levy those not on strike (the vast majority) to pay the strikers ( minority) so no one suffers too much.

This would have the effect of reducing revenue collection to zero, while minimising savings, thus creating a serious short term deficit. How long could any government hold out?

I also took the view at the time, that public sentiment was a total red herring as public would never back public service anyway, so those who talk about maintaining public support for public service industrial action are wasting their breath.

You’ll be pleased to hear that I was considered a militant loonie by most of my union colleagues and that I am now a well adjusted productive private sector wage slave :smiling_imp:

If revenues don’t recover for 5 years what choice does the government have?

Over 5 years a real recruitment embargo would produce quite a saving in natural wastage (retirements, resignations etc).

Imagine what that will do to the quality of service. The health service will get worse, if such a thing could be considered possible.

Ozzy wrote:

Yes, and of course this action always hurts TDs earning 100,000 the most…our economy or its international image as a place to do business wouldn’t be tarnished at all. :unamused:

It’s because CS’s are so removed from economic realities that they see bringing the country to its knees with that kind of action as legitimate and doing no wrong.

At least we know how to use fucking apostrophes!!!


The country is already on it’s knees or hadn’t you bleedin’ noticed?

There needs to be change in the way that people are
employed and regular reviews of their performance, if
not up to scratch then its curtains. this is what happens in the private
sector and in some areas of the public sector. For example, during
training, drs change job every 6 to 12 months, each job
requires references from the previous consultant and if
he has any problem with your work then no job no argument. i don’t think its possible to force
redundancies but you don’t have to agree to every demand
thats put forward with regard to pay and hours. The unions need to be
faced down in a strike situation eventually. because administrators
are essentially the people who make policy they protect
their own positions at the same time closing front line
services in every dept across the country so i suppose a way would be to appoint someone within the administration of a dept and explain their job is to find x amount of euro in savings from wages etc. that money can then be funnelled to front line services. During the upswing
new services are rolled out with great excitement, TDs everywhere
back slapping and shaking hands. Now where are the same…ds
as the very same services are now being closed. ON HOLIDAYS.

sorry to do this to you TUG but…
If you make statements like this you gotta get them right :wink:

it should read “The country is already on **its **knees…”

PS hopefully this wont degenerate the thread into a grammar cop birthday party…

And the apostrophe in “CS’s” could be a stand in for the missing letters.

Just on the original comment though, during many wars and coups the CS stays intact, take for instance Ireland (while not a war or coup) as we moved from British rule.
Basically the same types inhabit CS jobs be the government Nazi puppets or democratically elected.

With that kind of thinking you need to apply your mind to my boy!