can you buy a garage only

Does anyone know of anyone who bought or sold a garage? In many European countries standalone garages are bought and sold often especially in the city center.

just dont over pay ! Offer them 525 no more no less

Car spaces at city centre apartment blocks can and have been sold separately to the apartments. They are then rented out. Not sure there are that many garages in the city centre (I presume you’re talking about sets of lock-up garages as you see in other countries).

Found these from a Google search: … /5005.html

Love the first one!

:laughing: Might have to settle for less.

Rent for 800 a month? You can rent 1500sqft industrial units with offices, kitchen, washroom, and a dozen parking spaces for the same as that.

Garages are a topic very close to me and my way of life.

I feel that storage and activity spaces for my needs are defined by having a large garage space but you can hardly ever get a house here in Ireland that has either one or the other. It’s the bare minimum here. Pathetic really.

Garages with houses are very few and far between. So much so that it’s probably one of the three major reasons for me going to be building my own place rather than wasting money on the crap that’s out there.

You can do a word based garage search on some of the property sites in Ireland and get back some types of typical crappy Irish garage, mostly small in size with no room for even getting out of the car without banging your elbows or shoulders.

I remember one UK developer who worked out that most people never actually put a car in the garage as it was always a tight fit, so he built them smaller, but still called it a garage!

I believe that he got convicted under the trade descriptions act!

There are many garages for sale. They are pitched as ‘detached bungalows.’

I am looking for somewhere with rear access for at least a double garage. If cars are your thing Ireland is rubbish unless you buy a unit in an industurial estate.


a shed in ranelagh sold for 300-400k iirc - i cant find the details atm

a toilet in lahinch sold for 400k viewtopic.php?f=4&t=10955&view=next