Canadians Vs The Menace



Remember Remember September September.

Rumours of a snap election in Canada,


The last time a colourful sock-wearing sock-puppet called a snap election there was a worldwide lockdown soon after.


Many videos of current sentiment of Canadian toward Castro’s son Trudeau on the camping trail, here is one of the latest.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau was hit with rocks as he left the campaign event in London Monday evening.




She was subsequently fired.

Alt Bitchute link:


We’re f**ked.

No mention of the other staff striking in solidarity.

Heart breaking.


I really felt for that poor lady.


Previously, many would cite this as, “a load of old freeman on the land bollix…”, consider that your blood pressure warning - for others who like to dine unmolested henchmen of a menacing medical tyranny pretending to have power over your rights and bodily functions, see this 26 mins video from Canada where the Police in Canada are shown “the law” by patrons dining indoors, after they arrive to remove trespassers, all is well that ends well: