:Canada: Canadians Vs The Menace

Theo Fleury tells Fox News that over 1,000,000 people are headed to Ottawa to demand the resignation of Trudeau.

Video @ Src: https://twitter.com/TPostMillennial/status/1486401353517871105

Truckers Vs Fidel Trudeau

Prime Minister Trudeau says the “small, fringe minority” on their way to Ottawa “hold unacceptable views” and are undermining the rights, freedoms and values of Canada.

Video @ Src: https://twitter.com/RebelNewsOnline/status/1486463052446932996

Some of the online build up:

Live Stream of Truckers, looks like US and Canadian Truckers have joined forces:


What a 50,000 vehicle protest against COVID law looks like.

From Canada.

Video: https://twitter.com/aginnt/status/1486440676288081922


Gosh. Timing. He has to isolate…

Either the Rumours are flying or Fidel Trudeau is.

The Guardian strikes gold again. Guess who the “intelligence expert” is. Some “womens studies” person by the sound of it.


Looks at her published works.

Her intelligence background is doing Military Intelligence as a “paper monkey” in Canada, thats what an MI analyst actually is, then as a glorified project manager in non MI roles.

So just a media quote source for the Canadian government.

This gives a pretty good idea of what her MI paper shuffling involved.

So a Canadian government Rent-A-Quote…

Huge news. Small businesses will no longer complying with mandates as of Saturday, January 29 in solidarity with #FreedomConvoyCanada #weareallessential @TheoFleury14@TraumaaaNurse


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Some LIVE streams, sounds great on headphones!

This one :headphones:

Src: https://twitter.com/MilaKedrov/status/1487161954548346886

Join fellow Canadians helping the RCMP advance the criminal investigation. It’s a simple phone call. Take action now!

All hands on deck!

We have great news! The RCMP have received so many citizen complaints about Trudeau’s hate speech, that they have set up a specific office dedicated to this investigation. A criminal investigation of Trudeau for hate speech is active, and the RCMP are politely taking our calls.

Call the RCMP at 613-993-6884

This phone number is dedicated to the current Justin Trudeau hate crime investigation. Add your voice to fellow Canadians who are rightfully complaining about Trudeau’s most recent crimes: hate speech. When calling, we found the RCMP very polite, receptive, and responsible. The law applies to everyone.


‘Government Overreach Is Coming to an End’: Massive Truck Convoy Heading to Washington After Ottawa



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Those Canadian Rooskies eh.

The casual lying- “up to 10,000”- is just pathetic at this stage. That aside, this is absolutely sensational and its significance appears to be going right over their heads-“prime minister and his family forced to flee capital city for their safety” is the type of narrative you read about happening in the 3rd world shortly before regime collapse.