:Canada: Canadians Vs The Menace

Its BC. The provincial government is NDP and the province has a long history of crazy politics. Going back generations. It makes Quebec politics look normal.

The NDP in BC make Jeremy Corbyns Labour Party look moderate and pragmatic. But thats very much a BC tradition. Utterly dysfunctional political parties with a very tenuous hold on reality. So making it easy for families to have grandpa put down is not the craziest thing done in the province over the years. Not by a long shot.

The province also seems to produce a hell of a lot of serial killers for some reason. But the locals are really nice people. Even the biker gangs are polite. Go figure.

“Well, the new e-truck will cost $300,000 more than a comparable diesel model, pump 40 per cent less water and have such a short range (30 km) because of its enormous weight that it will have to have backup diesel power in case it runs out of juice on the way to a blaze.”

Last night at the Savoy. Our PM in the UK representing Canada for the Queen’s funeral. 🤦🏻‍♀️ How do you say you were a drama teacher without saying you were a drama teacher.

Substitute drama teacher. He never quite made it as a fulltime drama teacher.

He has embarrassed Canada yet again on the world stage.