Cannabis farmer paid off workmen with drugs

I suppose you could say he made a hash of it :-GC … 23280.html


Just out of interest anyone have an idea how much this would equate to in real money ??

Donno Stu. but it might explain some of the boomtime building quality issues!


I knew a blocklayer long time ago who worked for pints,

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Jeez I’m in the wrong game, and from the small bit I do know there are a fair few of these grow house places around the country. Now if we converted those ghost estates…

If we legalised cannabis here we’d have a nice tourism boom… :nin

And a lovely spike in crime & anti-social behaviour.

Ask yourself why the Dutch are banning foreigners from the coffee shops !

Plus, look at all the scumbags we’ve exported to them, just because they’ve a partial legalisation of soft drugs. I’d rather not have them back, all things considered.

Legalise weed … but only on the Aran Islands.
Boost in tourism, but contain crime & anti-social behaviour.

Why would there be a spike in crime and antisocial behaviour? If anything there would be a massive decrease. Cannabis is already freely available to anyone who wants it, but by doing so they are committing a crime. If it was legalising then those people wouldn’t be criminalised. Also the trade could be controlled easier to maintain the quality and avoid the worst health impacts, and so that the proceeds are taken away from criminals.

Because the proposal was forced through by far-right lunatics in the Dutch Government much to the horror of more level-headed members of parliament?

Look at the vast scumbag class here that profits from the proceeds of drug related crime in Ireland. Legalise soft drugs and remove their profits.

how about!

Legalise weed … but only in Temple Bar.
Boost in tourism and reduce crime & anti-social behaviour

You may be on to something there.

My impression in Amsterdam is that it’s the hard drugs that attract the nasty element.
Go to the smaller Dutch towns and there’s very little hassle around the coffee shops. Even in Amsterdam once you get outside the central areas it’s a nice calm town.

The plan to ban foreigners from Dutch coffee shops was shelved last November, apparently.

Could we divert the Liffey to form a small moat around Temple Bar too? Just for aesthetic purposes of course.


Back on topic… I can’t see workmen taking this deal unless they were subsequently cashing in on their supply by selling it.
It sounds more likely that the guy was paying the tradesmen in cash and was using this ‘supplying the workmen’ as an excuse to get out of jail time.

If the workmen were not selling it then they would have been consuming it… and highly unlikely to be very productive if they had the bones of 1 ounce every 2 days coming in.

It’s an interesting defence of course… something along the lines of the laymen arguments in playing with the language of the law (ie… not for sale).

Dunno, I was all about legalise everything and tax it, but then when the head shops were selling, there were queues around the block, for party pills, that replacement hash stuff, bath salts you name it.

Thing I realised was that when people were out and had a few pints, they’d all be down the head sop getting pills, before if they had to go to a dealer 9 times out of 10 they wouldn’t bother, and would stick with the pints.

I have friends who given the oportunity’d be getting stuff every night, and they did, but as soon as it was all illegal again they wouldn’t bother, they might go looking for a special occasion or something.

Granted most people who smoke hash seem to have a constant supply, but there are a certain amount of people who wont bother unless it’s easy, and then they certainly will.

Legalising anything can work if done properly… something that would never be done in Ireland… so really it’s not worth discussing!