Can't sell it? Write an essay, that'll get it sold.

It’s the shagging price. Drop the bloody price if you want to sell. The Essay just won’t do it FFS.
Let me help. It is worth 250,000 in todays market.

Ok, BB, let’s play another of our little games. :smiley:

What do you reckon this place is really worth?

I’m going for €280k (although personally I wouldn’t buy it even at that price. I prefer living near the city centre).

Edit: Ok I didn’t notice you said €250k in today’s market. But when the market bottoms out what do you reckon it will be worth?

You’re right that the price is the problem. But while it may be worth 250k some day soon, it could still potentially sell for considerably more this year. We can all see that many properties, even apartments, can still sell in Dublin if they’re priced below the current lowest point in a given development and area. Also to be fair, from what I’ve seen, these are probably the best apartments in the area, better than the likes of Wycham point. Though still wouldn’t consider even renting there myself. Incidentally it’s a little harsh to single out this particular property, it’s one of many.

It’s three bed and a good size, so a couple’s place, say 4.5x income. Add in 1.5x for being in a nice place? 6x income. Add in another 1x for the luas? 7x income = 230k.

For €550k I know I’d want a 3-bed gaff in Harold’s Cross

Well. I rent in that very same building. I know what these apartments are like. I wouldn’t call them spacious. I wouldn’t call them luxurious. I’d say small and spartan(Watching Troy at the moment. :smiley: )

I stand by 250,000. Remember you will be needing 50,000 to slap down on your bank managers desk. 20% deposit for apartments.
You can get a nice 3 bed around here for 450,000 and you only need a 45,000 deposit for that :laughing: . You’d need to be a loon to pay 540,000 plain and simple.

Well that’s fair enough. I was just commenting more on the location and based on what I’ve heard from work colleagues who rented there previously, but I’ll definitely defer to you there :slight_smile:

Not everyone reads the Pin :slight_smile:

Now 500k

Whats the sound insulation like?
I’ve lived in several apartment blocks in my time and have experienced hearing my neighbour burp (Parnell Square) after dinner to almost bombproof in Kingscourt on Parnell street (the ONLY place in Dublin i’d consider buying an apartment tbh atm).

I’m a light sleeper and poor sound insulation would drive me totally insane in no time.

To be fair I was harder on Southmeade than I should have been in the past. We had a bunch of absolute c**ts as our neighbours. These maggots played loud music day and night. Since we moved in at the same time I had no baseline. I cut them up with a buzz saw, bagged them and buried them up on the fetherbeds. The LL moved new people in a month back. I haven’t heard a squeek from them. God help them if I do.

BB you’ve just moved up to a whole new level of scariness, Sir I salute you !! :laughing:

I’m confused. I can rent a similar 3 bed apt. for €2000 saving about €600 a month over a 30 year mortgage for an asset that is likely to lose about €200,000 in the next 5 years.

Wheres Linda Martin? I need to discuss her ‘rent is dead money’ statement.

Southmede seems to be a haven for essayists. This one has some strong opinions:

so their combined income is 230/7 = 33k ?