Capital Controls are back!

It seems that the IMF is recommending it to developing nations; … 98010.html

And the US is doing it by stealth; … l-controls … trols.html

George Soros’ definition of globalisation is the total absence of it (total freedom of capital movements across the globe), and the global financial crisis is a direct consequence of this “globalisation” of financial markets.

The radical changes needed to have a sustainable economy are impossible to implement, (even to talk about them, if you’re part of any western government, and you want to be perceive as economically responsible politician) without having a capital flight.

Should capital controls be brought back here (Ireland/Europe)?

I think we should take full advantage of this by NOT imposing capital controls and permitting the free movement of capital, but, it also means we have to dump NAMA and the bank bailout. By forcing the banks into liquidation we free up the remaining capital trapped in the buildings and land and put it to productive uses, it also means we attract new capital as it becomes more attractive to setup production here.

Nah, you’re wrong, talking too much sense there.

Why is everyone so nervous?
Let the globalists win and when they own all of the assets, nationalize them, divide them among the people, and have another go.
Simple solution which is the likely outcome anyway.