Capitalism's faceless machinery has colonized our very souls … .html#more

Very good article.

It’s true.

I started reading the article, then got distracted and googled +adam +eve +dinosaurs and was pleasantly surprised.

Now I get to read up on how the bible explains dinosaurs better than paelentology. Apparently because there is no label attached to dinosaur bones and no one was around at the time, there is no proof that dionsaur bones are millions of years old. Paelentologists just say they are millions of years old, because that suits their world view. Other “scientists” such as “creation scientists” have a more evidential basis for their beliefs however, because there is an impartial historical document called the bible which assists them:

Sorry, what was the topic again?

As if we don’t have a problem with stupidity in our own country.

Could only get through the first couple of paragraphs myself. His thinking is not clear at all imo.

Coincidentally in my last post I said, “not everyone (even those most involved) - might agree what the purpose of a system actually is”… *And in the above, THIS is the critical point that should be made. *

To take an example, the primary purpose of a company or a production line (which are both examples of systems) might be to make products to person A; to make money to person B; to provide employment to person C; to work efficiently to person D; to be the best line or company in the world to person E, etc.

The same is true of political institutions or social systems - To group A, its purpose might be to raise the quality of social and cultural existence for everyone; to group B, to provide ‘gainful employment’ to everyone; to group C, to provide them with a subsistence and beer money; to group D to provide a means whereby their superior social status can be demonstrated; to group E, to provide them with souls who will labour to help them acheive their aims; to group F, to provide a means whereby they can uphold the tenets of gombeenism, etc.

Anyway, I think the sooner that we can get away from this logic of demonisation and conspiracy and lambasting that underlie articles like the above (and there are many many), the sooner we can empower ourselves to think and act towards organising ourselves and our systems (much) more intelligently. In other words, get rid of the corrupt purposes and intents that exist in our institutions and systems, and strengthen those that have integrity and a human vision. Job done.

+1. Sounded like a (very long) whinge to me.