Capitol Bars: Directors buying back assets from liquidators

I believe there is something in the phoenix magazine related to this…

Yes, the DT, no I’m not that regular a regular. I was when I lived in Temple Bar, but that was only for a short while.

The mac is perfect… not sure about the hat, though!

I am certain that NAMA will be entirely transparent and free of skullduggery.
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That pub is a gem.

These lads seem to share your enthusiasm for the jacks in the Sackville Lounge :smiley:


That’s the really small basement place? Is it for sale?

Love the enthusiastic caption on the last pic:

**A Sqaure Knobbed Dryer! **- The Sackville Lounge, Dublin

Yes and yes. Most of the Thomas Read pubs are for sale. Someone who;s seen the figures says most would be profitable if you could renegotiate the lease.

Does anyone know what a pub licence is worth these days? I haven’t a clue, but I’m just vaguely interested in whether buying these licences and (say) moving them into a vacant retail premises would be a practical proposition. I’d take it the value of those properties without a pub licence is fairly ordinary.

in the latest issue?