Captain of the Titanic

I have to admit my guilty secret. I saw the end of Turdery on LLS and he had Brendan O’Carroll on.
I was channel surfin’ me lord…
Tubs was running a competition on the show to name the new FF leader.
Tubs started to name the winner of the competition, Brendan’s first answer was Bertie, when told the actual answer was Martin, he says who would want to be the Captain of the Titanic.
The look on Tubs face was priceless.
me thinks B’OC2 went off script

nice to see someone upstaging him

brendans mother i do believe has strong labour credentials, may have even stood for election

was Labour TD for Dub north central 1954-57, apparently.

This is good on 2 aspects.

  1. Great to see Tubs b1tchslapped. His FF love-ins are nauseating.
  2. With any luck O’Carroll will be blackballed with regards to future RTE appearances.

Winners all round 8DD

Like the way your thinking Mr.A , and if you dont mind I think I will join you for one… 8DD