Caption Competition

Seamus Murphy and his bitch goomar the lovely James Reilly at the recent meeting of the Friends of North Dublin Political Strokers dinner dance.

Seamus was quoted as saying that James had a particularly delicate and velvetly stroking action.

James O’R: I so glad we broke from the FF tradition of the brown envelopes,

Seamus: Ha Haa… yeah, the white ones don’t show up on this table!!!

What’s with the dinner jackets? Are the Fureys doing a cover album of Frank Sinatra’s greatest hits :laughing:

James: Here’s to your health, Seamus!

Seamus: And to yours James, your Health’s my wealth!

James ’ keep your head down and say nuttin somebody else will f**k up next week and the heat will be off me, now slide that ***** over the carpet an I’ll pick it up between me toes’

james: Do you expect the photographer will talk?

Seamus: No. I expect him to die… from poor healthcare!

Genius Magpie, love it.

Reilly: “I wish this fecker would hurry up, my pint is freezing the balls off me”
Seamus: “Isn’t that your junior Minister’s job?”

How about this one from the front of today’s Irish Times.

Clearly Enda is about to get down Gangnam Style.

I wish that, just one time, Enda could go to Europe and not end up on the front page looking like a total fucking Muppet!!!

Any chance of that Enda?

Thought not :cry:

The head on Reilly…he looks like a bouncer you might see outside an Irish boozer in North London…looks like a man who’d do serious damage…and seriously fucking enjoy it too…our Minister for Health…

Even our corruption is grotty and low grade…it looks like they’re at a 21st birthday party…skulling pints and cheap vino with the Dunnes Stores Christmas crackers on the table in front of them…we’ve gone from Paddy the Plasterer in Fagans to Bottler at the Balbriggan Chamber of Commerce Christmas party…not very Roman Abrahamovich…

And as for that other clown doing the Moonwalk in Brussels…he’s a primary school teacher who never even taught anyone…hobnobbing with and supposedly defending Ireland’s interests in opposition to the products of some of the most prestigious educational institutions the continent has to offer…Ill see your Sorbonne and raise you a Cat and Cage…any self respecting people would not have Enda Kenny as its leader…

The Minister of Silly Walks
Puts his left foot in,
Puts his left foot out,
He does the Hokey Pokey,
And he turns around,
That’s what it’s all about…

My first thought.

He’s walking as if theres something sticky in his bags that has decided to migrate southward and hes trying to shake it out down his leg without anyone noticing. So you could be correct about MC Hammer “Can’t touch this”.

He’s stepping over the spot reserved for “The Leader!”, can’t stand there das ist verboten!

He might as well dance, he’s got his photo on the cover of Time magazine.

It’s all downhill from there…

All he’s missing is the strings


He’s no competition for Manuel Barroso’s moonwalk.