Caption Competition


Location of children’s hosputal to be announced today, my money is on Lusk…it’s not on the shortlist but you never know :slight_smile:


I thought it was definitely Blanch?


It looks like Enda misheard Barroso and thought Barroso challenged him to a dance off - Enda is confident (as he always is) that he has just handed Barrooso’s ass to him on a plate.


There is actually a site on the shortlist of four in belcamp north dublin which, when electoral boundaries change, will be in o’reilly’s contituency so that is most probably off the list. The mater is proving problematic re planning so it is probably down to James’ and blanch…blanch isn’t providing a maternity hospital in it’s submission tho’…

My kids will be married with kids of their own by the time they pull their fingers out :unamused:


Taoiseach says decision on hospital not just for Reilly

No link on Indo website to bizarre piece yesterday by Eilish O’Regan. “Connolly will be announced as new location,” with a reference to an equally unsubstantiated piece from September 13, pointing out how “we told you last month Connolly would be the chosen one.”

Nothing has been announced. Bowers on RTE saying it will be James’s.


It looks as if this is the hardest he has ever concentrated on anything.

Do your worst.


“8 inches”


Ireland … small
Recovery … far away


Strictly come begging…


Christine…“I’m holding the world’s smallest violin and it’s playing for you…”


“We were this close, this close, to writing off the bank debt…”


Your president is how tall?


Chrisy: Ireland! I’ve heard of that place! Isn’t it full of cheating, lying and backstabbing intrigue?
Brain: The Celtic tiger is over Chrissey. Now Ireland is a model of free-market capitalism.
Pinky: What’s free-market capitalism?
Brain: Erm… cheating, lying and backstabbing intrigue.


I find that criticism of Enda, Noonan etc. for being primary teachers a little unfair. It can be reasonably argued that teachers can more easily run for office while keeping their post, a fact which means there are quite a few of them in the Dáil.

The fact is that they’ve been professional politicians for far longer than they’ve been in any other profession, and that’s far worse if you ask me.


Well generally Michael you’d need a wad of notes this thick to buy a pint of stout when we leave a country.


There was shrinkage!


Schaeuble’s wider than he looks - you won’t get much change out of that.


Merkle goes all Def Leopard and asks Enda to “Lay some Sugar on Me!!!”


“But the colour looks so natural”


“Ass Kissing”