Caption Competition


O’Reilly: You know, the finger
Inda: Yes, I know the finger, Spruce Goose.
O’Reilly: I’m sorry, I hate it when it does that, I’m sorry. Excuse me.


Remember the goose that Kenny bagged?
And gonged? (acc. calvinhobbes)

That goose is now in the cabinet…
and contributed to budget 2014.

But had nothing for Reilly who ended up “digitis inanis”
“empty fingered” that is.


You forgot your passport again did you Simon, you stupid cunt. Wait till Gilmore stops spouting shite and go over foreign with him quick for a new one!


Someone stole the See-Saw from the Athenry playground, local Labour Senator Lorraine Higgins show us where the dastardly deed did occur…


We call her Athenry Nessie and this would have been her head at one time. More to the point however why do I have a tiny hot water bottle in my right pocket. Anyone?


She saw a see-saw, of that she’s shure, but the see-saw that she saw’s a see-saw no more.


I give you the Lorraine Higgins/Denis O’Brien Global Shipping Centre for Ants.


Excellent! I spent far too long trying to put together a line like that before I gave up.




I know this has nothing to do with Pat Kenny, but erm, is something missing here?


1850 365 365



I’ll just check to see have they put my image on the bills yet…


ATMs now playing Amhrann na bhFiann trigger automatic response in passing President


Gold ATM trap bags first Leprechaun…


“Better get the bail money ready for Margaretta D’Arcy, or Sabina will kill me”



Kevin’s is this big


The Queen said, is it a bread bin?


“I’ve just come face to face with the corgies” :-GC


We are most disgusted with the electorate