Caption Competition


Will vote for food…


Who Farted!


As she saw the hand approach, Joan Burton hurriedly put on her cloak of invisibility and irrelevance but not quickly enough to avoid being spanked by Enda Kenny on her capacious arse.


If no one can hear Enda’s one handed clapping, does anyone care?


Wee Brendan Howlin manages a swift escape before Enda patronisingly pats his head.


Enda indicates the rising level of shite he finds himself in after the Irish Water cock-up.


Enda Kenny slightly overestimates his IQ for a panel of judges.


As dementia starts to take its toll, Enda continues to pet his imaginary rottweiler Phil.


♫ I was gonna go to work but then I got high
I just got a new promotion but I got high ♪


And you thought their phones were fancy Joan?


Ah, don’t know how to embed image…


What should we do Micky?


Thanks. That’s thanks to Temene (edit)


Want to buy some hats?


Ah sure we’re hopin to extend and pretend till two nineteen Micky…


Michael, any chance of the lend of a tenner? Christine won’t give me any pocket money this week.


So they call me a bald prick too…


One of these two men uses Loreal MenExpert

I wouldn’t be surprised if Dr Cool was telling Noonan to fk off. Noonan was on the telly recently saying “he supported the people of Greece but he had no truck with those boys who consort with Sinn Fein”
So people of Greece are not free to elect their government without Noonan twat commentary.



“Noonan, Let me think about the logic how you got that job, you mean to tell me that you stood by that clown Kenny and he rewarded you with Finance! Mein Gott!! Sure what do we get from Ireland apart from a bit of cheddar cheese!”


The corollary is also true - Noonan et al are castigated/criticized for aligning with Germany & the EU.

It’s alright for the opposition to say that but not all right for FG to say it?



How many sugars, Joan?


Introducing our minority Government.


The difference is SF did not align with Syriza against the Irish people.


Do you think we could get a seat at a table inside