Caption Competition


Govt minister makes weak attempt to cloak KBC logo this week. Despite national protests outside KBCs on repossessions


What’s the joke here?



Minister for Housing&Planning is running around in KBC gear, a bank that has regular protests outside its branches due to rendering citizens homeless through repossessions - I know the morality argument.


So, bank enforces contracts shocker.

I wasn’t aware that repossessing a home made it disappear


If only those poor helpless people had paid their mortgage or at least made some to try and do so.


Look it. All it needs is for the government to officially abrogate mortgage contracts and the Belgian parent bank will shovel loads of capital in Dublin directon. mortgage lending will take off and there’ll be plenty of new builds for everyone including the homeless



In my profession I’ll work hard
But I’ll never stop
I’ll climb this blinkin’ ladder
Till I get right to the top
An old maid walks around the floor
She’s so fed up, one day I’m sure
She’ll drag me in and lock the door
When I’m cleanin’ windows


And they made me a Minister!


“Look, I don’t have a proper roof over my head either!”


Does the poster say Fine Gaffs maybe?





He’s big in Australia.


Tír Minogue


Pog Mi’nogue… :-GC



What’s the Irish perspective Fintan?



I think i might look tougher with a beard::thinking::thinking:


That beardy fuck never off twitter needs to go!