Car rams hits collides Eastwall Protestor "incident"

A third car ramming collision or “incident” this time Eastwall peaceful protestors.

Tweets alleging who was driving the car


Videos of the incident yesterday evening, which are circulating on social media, appear to show a car driving through the protest and colliding with protesters on Seville Place.

You have to ask whether the media and Varadkar have incited this incident with their rhetoric about The Far Right.

A lot of these actual Far Left think that they’re perpetually fighting WW2.

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To add to Big Brothers ‘ignorance is strength, war is peace’ etc we now have

Rightist speech is violence.

Leftist violence isn’t violence.

That’s been the narrative for a while now, pushed by everyone on the left up to and including Jonathan Haidt in his book “The Coddling of the American Mind” which is an extended apologia for leftist violence against opinions they disagree with and reality itself which Haidt fully excuses on the basis that the then president of America said that neo Nazis were fine people (he didn’t) so it is all fully justifiable.

"Garda Eoin Cannon objected to bail, but Mr Bedford disagreed with the garda that he could have taken another route out of there and insisted that his car was attacked, with people saying: “That’s him.”

“I specifically told gardaí I was in fear,” he said.

Judge Bryan Smyth granted Mr Bedford bail on condition that he not physically attend any anti-immigration protests, not drive a car, sign on three times a week at the Bridewell Garda Station and be contactable by gardaí on his phone.

He was granted free legal aid and remanded to appear again in court on 30 March."

Stephen Bedford, the guy who ran down a man at an anti-immigration protest has turned up again and is involved.