Car Sales Down (again)

*Just heard on Newstalk Car sales are down, to 5000 registered (for this month?) on last year approx 6000 for same period.

Anyone find any news links?

*I thought we had a thread to this on the BB I did a search, perhaps I am mixing up GHPC!!! So many bears in the forest… its like a picnic. … king42.htm … king42.htm

Wouldn’t get too excited… The registration system easily accounts for this and year on year figures are up 5%…

5% for the year as a whole. The number of new cars registered in the State fell by some 12.8 per cent Oct 2006 compared to October 2005.

So car sales posted a strong first half and declined in the second, sound familliar? :smiley:

I shall be trading in my car around September of next year and looking to pick up the bargain of a lifetime as the last of the SSIAs has been splurged on 2007s…

I have no problem with owning a five year old vehicle but I want all the fiddly bits on the new one!!! :smiley:

I thought the SSIA’s were going to lead to a boom in car sales, or are they waiting for stamp duty changes in the budget in the car market too? :laughing:

Time for the government to reduce VRT on new car purchases, its our only hope. :smiley:

Oh you can bet we’ll hear more of that on the airwaves… an old chestnut thats about to get polished up nice & shiny!

I reccomend that you visit and find out why.

Simple really, just look at the prices.

No let up in the fall-off in sales last month

The number of new private cars licensed in November dropped by some 18.7 per cent, or more than 700 vehicles, compared to the same month last year.

There is light at the end of the tunnel though…

The drop in vehicle registration figures for November may indicate that many motorists are waiting to buy 2007-registered vehicles. The motor industry also expects an upsurge in the number of private cars bought next year due to maturing SSIA accounts. … king42.htm

So has Michael McDowell said antyhing about VRT lately?? :unamused: :wink: