Carbon Tax Question

It looks increasingly likely that we face a new property tax and a new carbon tax.

I don’t like wealth taxes. Despite this, if the property tax is associated with local services in the way that council tax is in the UK, then it could be justified.

FF/Greens say that a carbon tax will save planet earth. In reality, the revenues from this tax will be handed over failed banking scams like Anglo Irish. And to support grossly overpaid and under-educated senior civil servants’ lifestyles. We all know that. Despite this, a carbon tax could be justified because there is a 90% likliehood that carbon emissions are going to cause serious global warming this century.

My question is, in the unilkely event that the global warming models turn out wrong, do we get a refund on our Carbon Taxes? :confused:


But you get to have a warm fuzzy feeling in your hemp socks as you cycle to work in the communal wind turbine repair factory that you did your bit for mother earth!

Year Zero - how soon is now?

I am 100% opposed as an environmentally inclined individual to any Carbon Taxes.

I will be refusing to pay a carbon tax and I will also oppose it actively.

In fact I feel a new cause coming all over me right now.

This must be stopped.

Anyone for a carbon tea party?

The worse thing a government could do, is to introduce a carbon tax on the basis of some phony climate change scaremongering.

This tax will be detrimental to small and medium businesses, the life blood of this economy. The government hasn’t a clue what to do about this recession, increasing taxes at a time like this is madness.

Why won’t they grab the bull by the horns and introduce cut backs?

We’re all behind you, Mr Window. (That’s why you can’t see us, honestly. :angry: )

When’s the next local election on Mars?

:open_mouth: NO…

Its worth reading the whole article…hilarious stuff on both sides. :unamused:

I have a theory. Based on no data, other than observations of volcano reports on Discovery channel. There have been no significant dusty of gassy volcano eruptions recently. These tend to have a dimming effect. No?

I also have a theory that these will return as the earth warms. Think of the earth as a liquid filled balloon. With a mostly dark surface. Stick it out in the sun. What happens? The middle eventually warms up and the liquid starts to circulate and expand. Leave it long enough and it will burst. A big volcano is one of these bursts.

Like I said the last time separate your disdain for specific proposed solutions (like carbon taxes or whatever) from the reality of the scientific evidence concerning the problem. I’m pretty sure the Mars and “other planets” issue was brought up the last time.

Since you’re posting an article from 2007 I’ll give you another article from 2007

Pluto gets a fraction of a percent of the amount of heat energy from the Sun as we do, any change in solar output large enough to effect Pluto would have a very definite and noticeable effect here.

The Earth core temperature is controlled by radioactive decay and is in the 600-1000 degrees Celsius range. Heat from the sun has a negligible effect.

I think this topic is much more suited to this thread to be honest… viewtopic.php?f=15&t=22765&p=265760#p265760

I am a fan of the expanding earth/planet theory becasue when I observe it a copmutational model renderings and understand the basics of geodesim its makes sense on “why woudl you think it any other way” deep level (as we do). I mentioned it to a student of geology but she was having none of it saying it had been discounted a long time ago!

When I read about geodesics in relation to sharpers link to the horizon problem I am even more intrigued at the unfolding universality of constructive theory observations. A personal observation.

Sharper also used an expanding earth analogy to explain how in 2D/flatworld thinking you’ll never find the centre. Its strikes me some parts of science get things that are more relevant to other parts of science that are fascinating with tings that are not relevant to them. Call it the folly of vested interests.

So what has this to do with Carbon tax? fucking everything baby!

I thought it was the moon orbiting, us orbiting the sun and a spinning dense core creating friction?

A small percentage is possibly tidal forces but it’s mostly radioactive decay see

Interestingly it’s thought Mars might once have a had a molten core and a magnetic field which was heated by the tidal forces from an orbiting asteroid. The asteroid eventually escaped, the core cooled, the magnetic field collapsed and most of atmosphere was stripped away.

Thank you.

That blows that theory then :smiley: