"CARCRASH" - 97% HSE COVID Hospital Admissions have 1 or 2 shots

97% admitted to hospital are partially or fully injected.

The figures come as the National Public Health Emergency Team (Nphet) confirmed 1,818 new cases of the virus on Thursday evening, with 244 people with Covid in hospital as of 8am this morning, 52 of whom are in ICU.

Right, so only 244 cases, not 1818. Grand. Next:

Earlier, the HSE said of total hospital admissions, 45 per cent are fully vaccinated, while 52 per cent are among people who are not fully vaccinated.

If you think that wording is good, wait till you read down, ok, so - 45 + 52 = 97%, therefore we might assume the remaining 3% have had nuttin’ and/or are status unknown, meaning that 52% are probably single shot recipients, now with the covids yea.

IIRC this is textbook… remember a few weeks ago Leo claimed 95% unvaccinated yada ida ida in Hospital yada yada yda.

Tell me this is wrong and we are not textbook.

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Not only are the figure car crash, but the rest of the article is car crash.

HSE chief executive Paul Reid said: “The vaccination status in ICU, 62 per cent of ICU cases currently in hospital aren’t vaccinated at all.

“They haven’t had any vaccination, which is very high proportion of the population who have not been vaccinated.

Who wha ya who wha wha?

“15 per cent are partially vaccinated, the remaining 20-23 per cent are fully vaccinated.”

He added: “If you are vaccinated, you have significantly higher levels of protection from being hospitalised or entering ICU. “The highest percentage of Covid patients in ICU are unvaccinated.

It’s late. I dunno. Does anyone know?

Check Seatbelts, Prepare for Impact

” Prof Martin Cormican, the HSE’s national lead for healthcare associated infection, said the figures were a reminder that the virus can be more severe for some.

He urged people to remain cautious, saying lifted restrictions “are not targets”.

He said: “Overwhelmingly, the people who are in hospital fully vaccinated are people with underlying conditions.

Geeeee feckin’ whizzzzz… remember when it was like trying to find hens teeth to hear “Overwhelmingly, the people who are in hospital with the covids are people with underlying conditions…”

If the lights go out at least with our newly kitted out army of gaslighters and gaslighting, we will be able to keep the lights on.

“I suppose that goes back to that point that we’re making, even after you’ve got your seatbelt on, you need to drive at the speed that’s right for you.

That point being"phamra vaccine marketing 101"

:face_vomiting: :palm_tree:

“We’re not all going to tolerate this virus equally well, even after we’re vaccinated.

Pretty shyte and shocking to most and devastating for others, especially the one who end up in ICU after doing everything lovely leo, stephen, michel and Tones & Co told us to do.

“I think it’s a really important message, it’s great that people have some freedom in their lives again, and they’re able to do things. But the restrictions are speed limits, they are not targets.”

“We would really encourage people to drive the speed that’s appropriate for them, I suppose, as a key message” he added.

:face_vomiting: :palm_tree: :face_vomiting: :palm_tree:

While the Covid-19 vaccine does not prevent infection with the disease, it significantly reduces the risk of serious illness and mortality.

Did I say many people will be shocked, and even more shocked when they find themselves in hospital after doing everything they were told… did I mention that already?

Hospital admissions are continuing to increase, with Thursday’s figures (244) up 20 per cent on the same day last week. Meanwhile, the number of Covid patients in ICU has increased by approximately 50 per cent in the same period.


“We want to ensure of the next few weeks that people do still show huge caution, because we are seeing high levels of transmission, high levels of positivity and significant elements of the population still not fully protected” Mr Reid said.

To date, 90 per cent of the adult population have received their first vaccine dose while 84 per cent are fully vaccinated.

Where do Tolls fit in with this analogy, is the booster like having an e-pass?

With a casedemic vaccination status is irrelevant as most positives are false positives. The false positive rate has nothing to do with anything health status with a low prevalence infection.

If N is the number of “COVID cases” when vaccination total is 0%.

then N is number of “COVID cases” when vaccination total is 50%.

and N is number of “COVID cases” when vaccination total is 100%.

N never changes. Because N is just the number of false positives which is independent of the actual number of infections as long as it is low prevalence < 2%.

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It was 45% vaccinated admissions in the UK on August 6

But remember a good chunk of unvaccinated admissions are people who don’t take any care of their health. They’re not “hesitant”, they don’t care about managing their health.

The level of lies here. A “limited number” actually means HALF

It’s worth archiving this article for posterity so we can reflect on the misdirection

The vaccines are 80-85% protective against symptomatic disease, Dr Glynn said, and about 95% effective against hospitalisation

So there are say 120 people in hospital now who are not vaccinated (half of 244). If not taking the vaccine really was meaningfully the real reason they are in hospital then what would that suggest our hospitalisation rate would be without the vaccine and this “95% effective against hospitalisation”. Are they really saying there would be 2,400 people in hospital if there was no vaccines ?

I think our peak was 581

I recall a figure of circa 1750 in hospital at beginning of year no?

“elements of the population”

That’s twice in two days former Workers Party member Reid has used language one could interpret as sinister when referring to uninjected people; yesterday he said they need to be “got to.”

I’d read that as meaning that, together, both unvaccinated and people who have received only one shot make up the 52 percent segment of admissions.

Which of course leaves 3 per cent floating around out there in the ether….maybe stuck in traffic on their way to get vaccinated ….

False Negatives

I’m gonna assume the hospitalisation are clinical diagnosis, and they are all have the Covids for the sake of argument. Thats only 244 people in total, not 1,818 casdemic total.

Those in hospital, why?

Adverse Reactions?

Basically - With or because?

There might be another article floating out there for clarity I’ll try dig out.

Also anyone remember the laboured use of the other term, “false negatives” - Dr. Birx often used this as much as possible, it was as if she woudl not or could not acknowledge false positives, but had to somehow acknowledge the reality of PCR unreliability in a deceptive manner, it was funny at the time, very contrived messaging to avoid having to use the terms false positives. I think that would have given the game away sooner so they avoided that in WH pressers when trump was having his daily pressers.

You will find that most of the hospitalization are in patent treatment purely because they are old / prior condition and had a high PSI/PORT score and had a “positive” RT/PCR test. Or were admitted for a prior condition and tested “positive”.

When someone gets a “positive” test the protocol is: no symptoms then de-facto house arrest for 14 days; generic symptoms and high PSI/PORT score - in-patient “treatment”; generic symptoms and low PSI/PORT score - out-patient “treatment”. Which in Ireland means is none of the anti-virals etc therapeutics that might actually help. You might get some acetaminophen.

No it peaked at 1,341 at Jan 15 and had dropped to 456 by February 6. Which is a long way from a 569 peak, but also a long way from 1,750 and a very long way from 2,400.

The country should be open and Reid and Holohan should be in Jail.
archived link =>

I’m lost…

You can get the unvarnished datasets here to lash into your spreadsheet program: https://data.gov.ie

Grand thanks, somebody with time and who is used to knocking around that source will no doubt enlighten us all so.

Here is how the source article was framed using the headline:

Covid: 1,818 new infections, over 20% of daily cases and ICU admissions fully vaccinated

19/08/2021 | 17:39 PM

Around a quarter of Covid-19 daily case numbers and intensive care admissions are in fully vaccinated people, according to the HSE.

A briefing on Thursday heard around 20-23 per cent of ICU admissions, and between 20-25 per cent of daily case figures, are among those who are fully vaccinated.


Compare to the next part already contained in the topic OP

The figures come as the National Public Health Emergency Team (Nphet) confirmed 1,818 new cases of the virus on Thursday evening, with 244 people with Covid in hospital as of 8am this morning, 52 of whom are in ICU.

Earlier, the HSE said of total hospital admissions, 45 per cent are fully vaccinated, while 52 per cent are among people who are not fully vaccinated.

Hospitalisations among the double-jabbed are “overwhelmingly” in people with underlying conditions, the briefing heard.

HSE chief executive Paul Reid said: “The vaccination status in ICU, 62 per cent of ICU cases currently in hospital aren’t vaccinated at all.

Multi-Lane Pile Up

On the same day a very counter official narrative set of figures:

Covid not to blame for 100-fold increase in hospital waiting lists – consultants

… According to the latest available information online (from May 2021), there were over 885,000 people on some form of NTPF waiting list to be treated or seen by a consultant.

The number of people waiting for inpatient and day-case hospital treatment has grown by more than 31,000 in the past decade — an increase of 69 per cent.

More worryingly, in May 2021 there were 20,820 patients on these lists waiting longer than a year for hospital care; which the IHCA says is more than a 100-fold increase in such ‘long waiters’ since May 2012 — when there were just 199 patients waiting longer than 12 months for treatment.

This number is also more than double the number of long waiters at the end of December 2019, with an additional 11,700 patients added since then alone.

In addition, over the past seven years due to insufficient consultant staffing and vacancies, a further 286,000 people are waiting on public hospital outpatient lists to be assessed by a consultant, an increase of 84 per cent.


How over crowded are the Jails at the moment @BlameGame ?

Thanks. I wasn’t aware of that. Explains a lot.

He supports the new housing bill too afaik.

Such a mendacious sack of shit. The fact is, it’s admitted now that among the unvaccinated it’s also critical whether they have underlying conditions.

University Hospital Limerick intensive care consultant Catherine Motherway said earlier yesterday that the patients who are most seriously ill are mostly unvaccinated and can have underlying conditions such as obesity, heart disease and lung disease

Archived Link => https://archive.is/yp665

Make that three times in three days:

If, as an adult, you decide not to be vaccinated, you do put yourself and others at much higher risk. We won’t leave anyone behind & it’s never too late.


Wearing those yellow stars for the unvaccinated are getting closer to being mandatory every day