"CARCRASH" - 97% HSE COVID Hospital Admissions have 1 or 2 shots



Do you really believe their numbers?

Remember Hillary was 98% ahead in the polls!


Health officials point out that although the majority of Covid-19 cases in hospital now involve vaccinated people, the overall number of hospitalisations is smaller due to the impact of vaccination.


Would that be a 97% majority or higher?


54 per cent or 168 patients were fully vaccinated, while 44 per cent were not fully vaccinated and vaccination status was unknown in two per cent of cases.

Deja Vu, 98% had one or more shots. Is that right?


Not fully vaccinated could be partially or unvaccinated. They don’t specify (unlike UK).

Next line they say “ Of 55 patients in intensive care, 26 were fully vaccinated, two were partly vaccinated, and 26 were unvaccinated. 72 per cent of all patients in ICU since late June had an underlying condition.”

Of course the huge thing is the underlying condition - age and co-morbidities are the big risk factors.


Isn’t it funny how people can overlook liars not being truthful but if you misrepresent their lies you’re the liar! Ya gotta love it… them co-morbidities only matter now!

What that actually say to morons like me is it’s the vulnerable, well it doesn’t work for the vulnerable, that’s why they were vulnerable in the first place and should never have been given it. Not a single soul should have been offered it but hey that’s extremism right, who doesn’t want to live life in a phase III trial forever? :man_shrugging:

I’ve wondered quietly to myself, sometimes with the lights turned on, just in case, you know that staring back abyss is some fecker all the same, what about those ICU figures, what if they are close to representative of society, then it would indicate their 90% injected adults is more like 50%. I would believe it’s plausibly 20% less than 90%, I’m not clear on how they have accounted for it all as nothing can be trusted, and since we do not really know the parameters, they shift life the sands of time, all that it seems to serve is to cover up the snakes tracks.

I believe the deficit of truth is not the liability of the honest, but liars will beg to differ and keep sending demands for payment.