"CARCRASH" - 97% HSE COVID Hospital Admissions have 1 or 2 shots



…are still running the show.


Joe Rogans video was pretty embarrassing.
A man like him in decent shape, exercises, eats well. The idea that he needed to throw the kitchen sink at some minor flu style symptoms just feeds into what I am saying: instead of going oh this isn’t that bad, the narrative becomes “Oh Rogan is a millionaire it’s alright for him, what about the average Joe not Rogan who can’t afford a personal MD.”

And on and on it goes…


Can you elaborate please jmc on why you see those stats as meaningless? It states data collected starting in Dec 20 but regardless I’d like to understand what you are trying to say and I’ve only a basic level of stats and so only a vague idea as to what you’re on about.


Thanks. So what’s your view then from presumably having studied these docs?

This for example - what they mean?

The rate of a positive COVID-19 test varies by age and vaccination status. The rate of a
positive COVID-19 test is substantially lower in vaccinated individuals compared to
unvaccinated individuals up to the age of 39. **In individuals aged greater than 40, the **
**rate of a positive COVID-19 test is higher in vaccinated individuals compared to **
**unvaccinated. This is likely to be due to a variety of reasons, including differences in the **
population of vaccinated and unvaccinated people as well as differences in testing



This is the authors attempt to brush this inconvenient statistic that couldn’t be “massaged” away under the carpet with a meaningless comment. By rights this should be a serious anomaly but instead it’s quietly ignored as it doesn’t support the narrative.


Exactly, I thought I was lost, thanks.


Yes agreed. The mindset seems to be: even
observing rules didn’t keep me safe. This shows we all must increase our vigilance and we shouldn’t object to tougher rules.


The word on the street has been for some time now.

That the test cycles were to be and being run LOWER for the vaccinated to reduce the false positives and keep them higher for the vaccine free people to keep them showing positives even if false 97% of the time.

We know how they have and ca achieve that here in Ireland for example, using the external labs. Ongoing mafia type operation.

Do people forget about the early injection recipients testing positive for HIV in OZ way back?

People forget this, shhhh… People forget the Kary Mullis Vs Fauci AIDS connections because it’s shhhh in the media.

The entire SCAM is based on the false premise of the PCR testing system i.e. “cases”, it’s classic emperors new clothes mind play.

The SCAM is real. The WAR is not FAKE.


What they are trying to measure is how much a treatment reduces the probability of infection. How much it interferes with transmission rates during infection exposures. So the starting point is how frequent potential infection exposures are. With a high prevalence infectious agent these potential infection events would have a high frequency with normal population interaction patterns. So with colds and flu during the winter season with a prevalence of several percent in the general population a person would be exposed often to several potential exposure events per day. Especially if they use public transport or are in crowed public places. Which is why you get several colds / flu most winters.

SARs Cov2 even at the height of the epidemic in late spring 2020 never seemed to have a community prevalence higher than a few per thousand. Which is why most SARs 2 pneumonia cases were acquired in hospitals / care homes etc. So the frequency of potential infection events was not several times a day but maybe one or twice a month. With normal population interaction networks. Now severely disrupt normal interaction flows especially in public places and you have just reduced the frequency of potential infection event to one every few months. Exposure to someone with an active SARs CoV 2 infection and shedding infected aersols.

So it looks like they are doing a 90 day series for impeding infection during potential exposure events where there is a high probability of only one, two or zero events for each sample subject. With such a very low event probability aggregating very large numbers of samples when one is trying to measure the effect in changes in response of individuals adds no information to the data samples. Only longer time periods add information to the data, not a larger sample. Only a longer T will converge onto a reliable result, not a larger N.

But as there is no link to the study so the other problems in the study will be unknown. All previous studies I seen of this type had and even bigger problem. The positive event test was a RT/PCR test not an antigen or antibody / serological test. Which invalidated the studies.

This is why the standard time line for vaccination approval is 4 to 6 years. It takes a whole bunch of trials and multi year data before the data is anyway mathematically relaibles. And then there are systems like VAERS as a back up. Because even a 6 year time line will sometimes miss problems.



BTW thanks JMC
I believe you understand French well, non


My point is insurance is a lot cheaper in Ireland. By an order of magnitude. You could argue that you get ten times more for your money in the US but I doubt it. I think if you’re homeless you’re pretty screwed no matter what country you’re in.


I have had to get tested twice in the last 4 months, as has my wife, kids and others I know. You’re not asked if you’re vaccinated or not when you get tested. You just show up and get tested - vaccination status is irrelevant. So how could this possibly be true?


Until Obamacare self pay plus catastrophic insurance was a great deal in the US. If you bothered to learn how the system worked. Far better deal than VHI. Zero wait time, always. After Obamacare its a mess but still a better deal.

At least in SF the street people get the best medical care available in the City for FREE. As I said, the last time I was in SF General (the hospital for uninsured people etc) was helping someone in great physical distress who was living a homeless shelter at the time get medical treatment for the after effects of being side swiped by a car while crossing the street.

Up to the front desk, check his details against his first admittance on the day of the accident two weeks before, then straight though to an ER room that makes Beaumont A&E look like a failed mission hospital in the Third World. Time from front door to on a bed less than 10 mins. On a Friday evening. I came back a few hours later to see how the guy was doing and the doctor said they would keep him in overnight. Total cost to homeless guy $0. I was traveling soon afterwards otherwise I would have checked up later on how he was doing. Nice guy. A local. One of the bad luck rather than bad decisions guys. A minority of those on the streets. People who I always have time for.

Usually when I am been lectured by someone in the US about how evil the US healthcare system is and how “homeless people die on the streets because of no healthcare” and there should be socialized medicine I shut them up by asking them - So when was the last time you were in SF Gen?". Invariable they never were. They know nothing about free hospitals, MedicAid etc and have always had their health insurance paid by someone else. In fact I have yet to met anyone who supports single payer who had any clue about the subject. Just parroting stuff they read in the NYT or heard on NPR. etc. As for foreigners on the subject, not even wrong covers it.

Just an observation. Never believe anything you read in the MSM about the supposed failings of other countries. Especially the US. There are lot of serious problems, lots of them, always are, but never the ones you will read about in MSM. Except purely by accident. The MSM always has a political agenda. Always.


Do you have to give your PPS number when you’re getting tested?


Thanks. I also found it through a French news source before I saw your post.

Looking through the paper Its basically junk. A 90 day “study” purely from French Health Care System medical records for people over 50 and a 30 day “study” for the Delta. That is not a mathematically valid longitudinal study with control group. Plus the usual problem of events being an invalid clinical test.

These health record trawls have the same problems as meta studies. Large numbers cannot be substituted for high quality data. They can show interesting trends or unexpected anomalies but are just that. They dont provide the basis of make very specific conclusions about efficacy etc. For that you need far more rigorous studies. For a start you need at least 270/360 days of data from much wider sources before you can even start drawing conclusions . As it is such a low prevalence, low infectiousness virus.

As for the Epi-Phare people. They are basically a small research group financed a French state organization and one of the state mandated medical insurance groups. So not by my definition is it totally independent research. For a start a no meaningful effect study result would cause problems with the people paying for the research.


If you confirmed PPS numbers then it is at least plausible.

Why get a test when they are broadly bogus. Makes no sense.

Do we believe naked people are fully dressed?

Seems people do.


No you don’t provide your PPS. Just name and address. “At least plausible” is somewhat different to the fabricating/manipulation you said above is definitely occuring! I find the Irish gov and civil service to be generally useless so simply cannot give them the credit for running the dark ops regime with the necessary IT sophistication that you think they’re carrying out.

You say they’re bogus. There are a multidude of reasons for needing to get a test, from symptoms to travel. People aren’t getting tested because it’s a fun experience that’s for sure.


Address + name = ID, still very plausible (do you know what lab the tests where sent to if PCR? If so you could try find out what teh cycle rate run was on your samples), plenty there to cross reference any/other databases out there. Peopel on here and in the world cna do this in their sleep with magic tools they even built themselves and that’s jsut form publicly accessible databases.

Sure I’d say they have a map of which house is Full Borg and which house is not, for teh world. The AI knows. The AI can admin your life now. Keep that list checking it more than twice, as for the incompetence argument, incompetence is a resource! Figure it out.

Ok, keep in mind I said “word on the street” which is not specific to anywhere but cyberspace in the context, and from a reading comprehension nov should be handled as anecdotal commentary.

If you want specifics, a few simple trigger keywords and you can find info such as this on a search engine:

Now, the CCP-entangled CDC is changing it’s guidelines once again to ensure that only vaccinated people are testing negative for whatever COVID-19 is, and unvaccinated people are testing positive.

If a patient is unvaccinated, the CDC will run a PCR test at 45 cycles, almost three times higher than the recommended cycle count for anything but COVID-19. This ensures rising case counts for the unvaccinated.

If a patient is vaccinated, the CDC will run the PCR test at 28 cycles, which is still eleven cycles higher than the recommendations it put forth on the day of Biden’s inauguration. Therefore, cases will continue to rise even in vaccinated people, but at a lower rate than unvaccinated people.


Also the reseting of the cycles to a lower run rate (worldwide) was officially done on the day of Joe Biden day out, January 21st (but probably instigated by the WHO on the 13th of January), - this means PCR results 2020 in terms of trends and any political claims are not comparable to PCR results 2021 in terms of trends and political claims.

Yes totally bogus, like the “reasons” for testing, also all totally bogus. Rooted of course in the the pre-laid asymptomatic opening meme, i.e. healthy sick people.

Bogus PCR is a bit 2020 at this point but it might take the mayhem and continued mass murder of 2021 to see 2020 for what it was, and what the current 2021 “good place” actually is.


Agree 100% about the never ending agenda of the MSM and all mainstream culture for that matter…I honestly ignore it all and I never buy a newspaper anymore unless i need it to wrap the apples from my garden. Covid is real though and the vaccines do work very well. Now you might argue the risk of death is low but the fact is until you get it you don’t know how it will play out for you. If it goes bad, it’s a horrible death.