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Always look on the bright side lads eh?

The rest of the article is too funny.

Yes, the market in general had no impact on this, the price was cut out of the goodness of his heart.


Have these houses been on sale since 2003? :confused: It makes the title of this article rather unfortunate…

Carlow Nationalist 2003/06/11

Good few price drops in carlow too: … m&filter=0

I was hoping this would be a thread about Carla Bruni… :blush:

Carla loves the new Pin logo

Is that a pyramid in Sarko’s pocket or is he just pleased to see Carla… There’s something very odd about that relationship, fair enough he is the President but methinks he did a deal with the devil or somewhat… :smiling_imp:

So the final phase of 36 houses was launched in **June 2003 **and **14 are still available in March 2008, almost 5 years later :open_mouth:

WTF :open_mouth:

That rubbish reminds me of the childish gypsy tricksters who play the “ball under one of the three cups” game in Barcelona. Five or six stand around a member of their familly (who all look very similar) who has a table three cups and a ball. The game is played and a familly member wins copious amounts of money. All the while the six of them are throwing their hands in the air and gasping at how easy it is to win. The exadurated movements and facial expressions are comical. You stand there and look on similing wondering why they bother. They couldn’t possible get anyone stupid enough to take part.
Then it is my turn to gasp in shock. They get plenty of idiots to take part. So many I’m left wondering if I should give up my job and start doing this.
Just cause you’re smart, doesn’t mean the guy standing next to you is.

That must be what passes for being

around those parts.

Whatever about the national media outlets the local press are a total disgrace when it comes to any type of coverage around housing. Reading the papers given away free or bought around me you would swear that the boom was still in full flight. One prominant EA (who has been given much recent coverage on here) didn’t appear to get any bad press locally at all. Only one paper carried the story and it was more a puff piece really

And, the houses had already been reduced in price for about 6 months. So the reduction of 70K is only a reduction of 40K on the previous price, not 70K. Those 3 beds have been 299/295K for quite a while now.

Followup articles:

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I remember one of the first threads I came across on The Pin about this time last year related a similar tale from a housing development in Florida. It seems we truly are about 12 months behind the States as per some of the regular posters oft-repeated iterations.

Twilight Zone Pinsters strike again.

Did Ms. Maher divulge the name of the person or persons who marched her at gunpoint into the selling agent’s office and made her sign for one of these houses in the first place ?

Can she not sue the selling agent for mis-selling?
Did any of the documents from the selling agent contain the words, “house prices may fall as well as rise” or “your house may be worth less in the future, than what you paid for it”?

Theres going to be a lot of people like her emerging in the next couple of years. Id like to see Sherry Fitz and the rest of them get sued out of business. Wipe the smirk off Marian Finnegans smarmy face.