Carlton, Torca Road, Dalkey (-555k from AMV,-23%)

New price: 2.15m … earchlist=

Old price : 2.4m (AMV) … 14683.html

1.85m now, gone down a bit

This property should be flagged as a good indicator at the upper end of the market.

I found this from May 2005:,+Torca+Hill+Dalkey&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=25&gl=uk

GIven the old and new descriptions it looks like it has been renovated and subject to some modest expansion (110 sq feet).

Under another report I found, it didn’t sell at auction, but was subsquently “under negotiation”. We can assume it went for around 1.3m and then the owners spent however much.

The link seems to have changed?

sold 1.85m: … ecentsales

now available to rent in the short term for €3,500 monthly: … 9&search=1

moved from short term let: … 9&search=1

to the regular ‘To lets’:

still at €3,500 Monthly

or maybe they got a short term renter and are now looking about the long term?