Caroline Corr gives her house a 500k hair cut.

Don’t have a link but saw it in one of yesterday’s red tops that she reduced the asking price by a cool half mill.
Will look it up tomorrow (if the paper’s still there!) and post up the asking price and location.
Was reading it over someone’s shoulder :smiley:

Caroline Corr can do anything she wants and will be subject to no brook or dissent from this man… :wink:

She’s some example of Irish Womanhood !

This is good news.

If the word gets out that celebrities are dropping their house prices, the whole country will be doing it soon.


Presumably the original poster was thinking of Sharon. This is from today’s Evening Herald…

Previous article from March - … 28278.html

This would appear to be Sharon’s gaff: … GHLC349440

and Jim’s gaff - that’s gaff, not gaffe, of which he has made plenty.

If only Caroline and Sharon came with the house… :mrgreen:

The international Jewish conspiracy has fixed it so Jim can’t sell his house. :laughing:

Agreed. She can talk about false flag operations and conspiracy theories till the cows come home and I promise to sit there and listen like an obidient little puppy dog and promise not to laugh once

But that’s an easy challenge! What if it was Jim who was always hanging around talking about how the moon landings were fake etc, would you still hang around to do an “inside job” on his sister???

BTW if any of the corrs are reading this - I jest and am a bit of Conspiracy theorist myself!

The fact that three Corrs have tried to sell their Irish homes recently smacks of a conspiracy theory.

I suspect the original poster got Sharon and Caroline mixed up? Unless both sisters dropped 500k off both their houses at the same time…

The property sounds like a dream home – at least on paper. It’s a 153 sq m…

Uhhh, that is not exactly huge now is it. As shoe boxes go it would be a dream shoebox but it’s no bigger than her brothers apartment.

Now, now RP, you couldn’t be further from the truth! You see, the dirty little secret that no one wants you to know is that all Estate Agents are actually Reptilians … that’s his problem, he’s exposed them so they are now attempting to hold him and his sister in D4 property Depreciation hell!! Cunning those little bugers, watch out, they’re coming for you!!


Now, where’s my tin-foil hat gone, It’s time for me to watch Zeitgeist again and read my David Ike books. :wink:

Blue Horseshoe

ACC Bank pursues Jim Corr over outstanding loan … -1.1360820 … 98225.html

He has a fairly extensive property portfolio there but seems to have got in over his head.
If he had just kept out of the property market he’d be a wealthy man still but one must try to keep up with the billionaire brother in law.

There is no mention of his helicopter. Perhaps it’s gone by now.

Here is info. from 2009 about the house he had in the Carton House development. … 93974.html