"Carrick", Old Carrickbrack Road, Baily, Howth (-3.5m, -64%)

Was asking 5.5m in 2008

Now 2.2m

A year on, dropped to 1.975m

‘Violet Hill’, Old Carrickbrack Road: sold 24-10-13 for €2.2m

That’s a different house, LL! That is a big ol’ detached house off Windgate Road on multiple acres with outdoor swimming pool, tennis court, the whole works. If it was a genuine sale and not a moving around of ownership then it was a good buy as it is a beautiful site with uninterrupted views… and the house is probably not awful either :smiley:

Violet Hill:

It is probably better in many ways than Carrick due to its large, square, relatively flat (compared to most around here) site.

I think Lessor may just have been posting that house sale price for comparison purposes?
If so, please make this clearer in future posts. Thanks.