Carrigglas Manor (Kearns & Bowen Construction)-any info?




Not sure about the accuracy of this report. My understanding is the Carlton hotel group were involved, not Radisson.


Another blow for Carrigglas - Section 23 tax breaks end in July 08 - any expenditure incurred after that date doesn’t qualify for the relief.

That’s why the project originally had a completion deadline of July.

In the event the project did resume, they’d find it even harder to flog the place with no tax breaks. Think it’s safe to say this project is dead in the water. Nice bit of work for the demolition boys though.


Same event reported in the Longford Leader. Fingers still firmly in ears of local VIs.

Indeed, what canny investor would miss the opportunity to invest in 330 houses down a back boreen in what is rapidly becoming an unemployment blackspot.

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That’s the man alright. Sad to hear he passed away. I met him a few times at the height of the boom when he was just starting Carrigglas. He was philosophical about the boom and wealth in general and was one of the few developers I met who realized it could all disappear overnight. I got the impression he went through several periods of being both rich and poor.


Here are some recent pictures of Carrigglas development showing the poor state of the place. Nature is gradually taking over and there won’t be much of value left if it is allowed to deteriorate further. Anyone know if it is in NAMA or who is responsible for it? I think it is one of the worst ghost estates in the country, given the scale of the development and that all of the houses are unfinished. Might make a good war/horror movie set. Maybe I could sell tickets to Geman tourists for guided tours? Slideshow here


It’s a shocking state alright; the one saving grace, I suppose, is that there aren’t a half-dozen families abandoned in the ruins.


What a patriot Bertie Ahern was. A true Irishman with a great love of his country.

Except that his legacy is monstrous carbuncles like this all over our beautiful land. Many will be there for decades, polluting our eyes.

What a fucking prick.


Well Pinsters, if you ever wanted your very own ghost estate complete with unfinished hotel and golf course, now is your chance to buy - and at the bottom of the market too. … rd/2195416


Just incase anyone pops into this thread again 12 years on, here is what the estate looks like today! I have an album of pictures but it will only let me post one.