Carton Demesne - 2k a month to rent or 1m+ to buy … e/1002886/

5 bed detached on Carton House Estate - for 2k a month - implies 400k valuation (there a service charge)

similar 4 beds are asking 990k (or 750k)

anyone have any thoughts on this development? … are/127117 … are/334055

there are a ton of these available on Carton Estate - most brand new though some are currently occupied.

It’s a nice spot, I’ve been in a number of houses there, all seem to be well finished, the semis are a bit funny in that they are split down the length of the house.

But as you have pointed out they are mad money to buy. I suppose it’s the closest Maynooth gets to a US style gated community with it’s own private police force. Maybe if law and order truly breaks down in Ireland you will be glad of the investment.

See here


They’re quite far away from any transport, shops - nuisance getting into Maynooth too at busy times.

I’m typing this now from one of these houses and I won’t be living here much longer. The location is rubbish and access is very poor. My car suspension is shot from living here with miles of speedbumps. The houses are ok but have some serious design issues. Pretty much everyones pipes burst in the downstairs toilets due to design faults.
The gated community vibe us a real turn off for me. Zero privacy in most gardens. 3k a month management fees.

The place isn’t finished either with some unsold houses. The place I’m in now is rented for €700 less than advertised so take those asking rents with a pinch of salt. I cannot understand why somebody would chose to spend 700k+ to live in a remote housing estate with massive fees and not just get a decent one off mansion with a bit if land.

Very poor broadband as well, 1 meg line max as it is too far from the local loop. Gies for days on end as well.

3 k a month :open_mouth: :open_mouth: . Wow that must be nearly a record.

Sorry, yeah not quite that bad.

Front lawn looks, erm…

thanks BuddyG

Jeez, I had thought it’d be a decent spot to get a big, modern gaff in a quiet location, I’d be working from home if I ever did rent/buy there but no BBand is a deal breaker.

As for the speed bumps…

Carton Demise ?

For Property Magnate. I am very interested in renting a property in Carton for one year. The estate agents appear very unwilling to budge on current rents listed on websites and Daft and I wonder if you managed to rent your property privately since it was cheaper than these. Any advice would be gratefully accepted.

Does anyone know what the service charge is on these?

now 495 for the semi - strange the way they are split down the middle.