Cash buyers only ??

Whats up here ?
I am thinking the bank dont agree on the valuation maybe ?

Willow Bank, Dundrum

Maybe flooding?

It’s not insurable, or at least not insurable against floods anyway, following the serious flooding at Dundrum in 2011.

Generally the MyPlan site isn’t ideal for picking specific addresses within Flood zones as it only shows the data at quite a high level. But in this instance there’s just a sea of blue around that spot.

Where the advertisement reads, “only suitable for Cash Buyers”, replace that with “if you need to borrow the bank will take one look at our valuation, laugh and refuse your application”.

Blue Horseshoe

Is it ever possible to obtain a mortgage on a property that has flooded? For instance, are any improvement works worth nothing when it comes to this? It seems a real debtblow(!) to homeowners whose property floods. Whether they ever aspired to sell it, or just leave it to someone else.

flooding confirmed

but at least they’re being semi-honest. there is another property in the development listed for considerably more with no suggestion that anything may be wrong.

If FF get back into government you’ll have Shay Brennan ready at the parish pump for flood remediation works for the downtrodden folk of Dublin 14

Failing that his uncle Eamonn, CEO of the Irish Aviation Authority, will be able to airlift them all to safety.

According to the property price register, four apartments were sold in the Sweepstakes Ballsbridge in 2012. The complex was badly flooded during the same floods you refer to.

Do I detect the sneer of inverse snobbery in this comment?

Frankly living in an area that was badly affected by the October 2011 floods, there has been far less cribbing and moaning than you would expect to have seen in certain “less privileged” areas.

Inverse snobbery? Double-digit postcodes are for the proles.

I’m just passing on the information straight from the EA’s mouth, as I enquired about the property prior to this thread out of interest.

The topic of this thread is Dublin 14, flooding was mentioned, and there’s been inferences in the past of over-representation (parish pump) for D14 on the part of the aforementioned individual’s father. ‘Downtrodden’ was a reference to how the parish pump is usually justified by exaggerating the needs for one area over another.

Your inverse-snobbery detection radar is need of some fine tuning :slight_smile:

I have no idea to what degree the insurance industry takes flood protection works into account. I did notice that Bray Town Council have published information specifically targetted at residents seeking home insurance who will benefit from the Dargle flood protection works currently under construction. Link. The document doesn’t say a great deal but I assume the fact that it exists at all implies that the works will be considered in risk assessments?