casting my eyes back #1

Just casting my eyes back on some (reasonably) old DAFT postings.
Heres one from city_centre_agent dated march 2007.
I briefly worked in the same office as him and we both used to think alike.
Hes no longer an EA.
He had some good postings prior to 2007, but cant seem to find any.
Could be the DAFT search option doesnt go back that far.

What I find most interesting about old threads like these are the responses.

Incidently, I realise some people posting here also posted on DAFT.
Please dont bring personlities into any responses you may have.


There are some good posts on the housing bubble thread from January '07 that also reflect the times, the responses are also interesting in hindsight. … st52588027

Heres one I wrote in July 2007.
I was explaining why developer clients of mine were packing up and leaving Ireland.

But regardless, look at my 1st point.
If only I had coined a crunchy explaination for what I was describing !

There goes my 15 mins :unamused:

It also shows that the credit crisis is older than people think.


Seems the bank survey confirms your observations at the time, see “Factors affecting credit standards - house purchase loans” on the Ireland tab … 202008.xls [Excel or [url=]OpenOfficerequired]