On the 6 o’clock news
Social housing built for a family pictures at the bottom of the site,
cant remember the cost but it was over 300k per unit … .1950.html

Outrageous that money is spent like this when people paid 100,000’s for shoe boxes working their arses
off paying for them and in negative equity.

I don’t get your point. What is wrong with providing low cost accommodation for people on low incomes or with special needs? Did you mean that they should be given to people who bought 300’000K shoeboxes?

whole estate(7 houses) built for a traveller family, 3 generations “Mc Donaghs”

  1. They shouldn’t have preferential treatment, Why should they be treated
    differently to anyone else accessing social housing.
  2. Integration should be key part of the program for social housing not Getto’s or private enclaves
  3. The travellers designed and had the houses built for them, I don’t see people on the housing list waiting to be housed choosing the type of house they want built for them.
    4.The cost is excessive in my opinion.

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Your opinion is valid but likely to be pooh-pooh`d as the various worthies bask in the reflected glory of this “Success”.

A construction cost of €300,000 per unit…interesting to see the final accounts of this outfit I should imagine.

I agree it is an expensive build. Perhaps the fact that this project has taken 12 years has something to do with that price. The council will be receiving rental income for these so the money will be recouped over time.

Strikes me as a bit expensive but so are the various "costs"of having Travellers lving on roundabouts.

BTW, your avatar is distracting.