Castleknock 2 mins to village

What would get this now ? … JYAT368820

Thoughts …

100 to 150k - no more no less - it takes too much energy to heat the place.

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Fine fine.

Evaluating the value of property like this is nigh on impossible in the current market. The kind of people who drop €1.3m on a house aren’t ringing up BOI looking for a tracker mortgage.

All that matters is what you can pay, how much you want it and how much of a drop you can negotiate.

apologies i was on lunch. . . Anyways my offer for that would be 415k no more no less. . .my view on Eire is very very pessimistic. . . And i dont want to give more than where i see the value being in 5 years.

A reasonably nice house in a reasonably nice suburb for 10x average wage. Sounds reasonable to me.

Nice house. That is decent area if not the best. I would evaluate for upper middle class family. Around 600,000 to 700,000 depending upon your personal likings.