Castlelands Construction Offer To Pay First Years Mortgage

For those of you that remember, Castlelands Construction were that outfit that were rumoured to be going bust last Summer. There’s a thread about it here that shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Now, the latest development they’re offering in Mallow and Midleton, they’re offering to pay the first years mortgage on any gaff bought.

First time I’ve heard them ever make an actual attempt to advertise (perviously, anything that was built was entirely sold off plans in a matter of weeks.).

Where did I here that company before, ah yes

‘Castlelands is far from broke’
Thursday June 14 2007 … 02098.html

**Irish top private jet buyers’ league **
Sunday, October 15, 2006 - By Susan Mitchell … y18121.asp

I wonder does he still have the plane or does the bank?

I’m surprised that they haven’t hit further trouble to be honest.

None of their developments are selling and I simply can’t see them shifting it any time soon. Too much property is out there and much of it is being more agressively cut.

Best get the discount in CASH because you have to pay gift tax on the mortgage payments otherwise .

I heard on the grapevine the banks moved in.

Good point.

Also, the valuation is going to reflect this ‘Incentive’ i.e. remove it from the market value of the house.

Desperation going round in circles, chasing its tail…

Not a surprise … :unamused:

Maurice Ahern BTW is a brother of Michael Ahern, FF TD for Cork East and Junior Minister for something or other, who has refused to condemn his brother’s actions.