Causing the Herd to move [ South Dublin Only ]

I’m posting this here to look for particular houses in S. Dublin that are far ahead of the rest, that may cause the herd to change -
leading the charge, bellwethers etc

that are priced far more realistically but also in their own class cause the others to be dragged down.

an example might be

we are discussing the particular house here


If this isn’t the right place apologies


edited to add region ]

More appropriate in SBR… Maybe herd isn’t the right word either, rejig your title to include whatever area you are interested in specifically!

That house looks very good value ‘relative’ to the rest of the market.
I can still see it ‘drift’ lower over the next 10 years though, so its not an investment.
I think a 500 EUR a sq ft cap is being gradually entrenched on decent properties in Dublin

Who isn’t? :smiley: Seems as though almost everyone posting here is looking to eventually end up in South Dublin.

And then they wonder why prices there are a teeny bit sticky.

Well, I’m looking to South Dub, but that’s where I’m from.

Mainly though I’d like this thread for real “get out there and sell NOW” properties

That house is semi-detached, not much of a back garden, side garden though: