CB: Economy to decline 4% in 2009



0.9% to 4%? how these forecasting folks have any credibility at all is beyond me. just pick a number at random lads why dont you?

It’s worth remembering that the initial forecast was made less than 3 months ago. :angry:

They are way off the mark on this, it will be closer to 10%.

you forgot the irony smiley :neutral_face:

someone fire off an email to the ESRI … and let them now…

I think 10% is closer to the mark… I knew things would get bad but things are actually turing out far worse than I thought they would.

What’s reality got to do with the boys and girls in the CB ? They’re so far behind the curve, it’s embarassing - even more so when you consider the amount of tax goes to keeping them all in their very cushy numbers 8DD

When they see the general concensus is for a higher percentage decline, they’ll revise their numbers accordingly - let’s not interrupt their cosy existence by expecting them to lead from the front or to earn their vast salaries for crissakes !

First up against the wall etc… :wink:

just noticed.

what does “average” mean?

to hit an average of 9.4% by 2010, i assume we have to be higher than 10% in december due to hysterysis?

If, so, well done brian, figures are wrong only 11.35 hrs after publishing

John Hurley has now written -4% and drawn little hearts all around it on a small piece of paper and placed it under his pillow. Officials from the Central Bank are hopeful that this bold new approach will be successful, as the -0.9% note he put up the chimney before Christmas appears to have had little, if any effect on stabilising the economy.

“I’ve got all the Tony Robbins books and videos, and I’m unleashing the power from within!” a defiant Mr Hurley said yesterday, before he was led away.

Just as well he’s doing something for his €350k, since he can do fuck all about interest rates or exchange rates in his position as the highest paid Central Banker in Europe.

10+ in WCS things are bad. Cliffs everywhere. NO one is protected. Look a the entire economy everyone is crying out for help.

Thats why the social partners and other sector representative bodies are essentially irrelevant as the greater good is at stake here.

Stark time but they are not making the hard decision. its fucking SOFT power all the fucking way.
We’ve had 10 years of more of SOFT Power and it time to switch gear.

Come the second half of 09 I can see the public mood shifting rapidly from the ‘frightened/really concerned’ mood that is out there at the moment to outright anger and a really nasty atmosphere with both the government and the ‘social partners’ getting in the neck - particularly from private sector employees and the self-employed.

Couldn’t agree more. Almost everybody I speak to who is self-employed is experiencing a decline in income or a collapse in income. And then you have fuckers likle Hurley getting paid the same € 250+K? (can’t remember exactly) :unamused:

€250k - pfffft

Apparently they advertised the job at €340k but nobody applied, they eventually managed to convince Mr Hurley to take on the role by elevating the salary on offer to a living wage of €350,000.



Try €330,000 for the gobshite!

“Social partners” sounds like something to do with sexually transmitted disease.

Maybe its appropriate. After a long long party Cowen, Turlough and Begg will soon no longer be able to hide evidence of disease.

And when the syphlitic sores are apparent for all to see… well, lets just say the public will not be amused. :wink:


Dublin Chamber of Commerce, they’ve never told a lie.

TUG, I understand what you’re saying. But it is seriously dangerous out there in the private sector - seriouly!

I know Pill but I still wouldn’t bother posting up the opinions of a group that would claim that white is black if it suited their agenda.

Same story for the unions.