CBDC - Central Bank Digital Currency

Sept 26th - 2022


What Is a Central Bank Digital Currency or CBDC?

Central bank digital currencies are digital tokens issued by a central bank. Usually based on the value of it’s respective fiat currency.

Lot of countries are implementing CBDC’s or investigating their use to extend the reach of the Central Banker funny money Fiat system.














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CBDC moves are becoming more overt in 2022 across the Menace Money Matrix System.


They’re certainly planning it but are also aware of the legal difficulties-the question is whether some form of coercion is deployed to make it seem like a good deal to the public. Something along the lines of “we’ll be able to get the electricity supply back on if we do this” perhaps.


There’s plenty of Irish stuff there too:


Requiring major credit card companies and banks to categorize gun and ammo sales is a major step to help us address gun violence. But more can and must be done — these companies must commit to flagging suspicious gun sales that can help us stop mass shootings before they occur.

The Bank of International Settlements general manager Agustin Carstens stating boldly they will have “absolute technological control” over your personal spending under Central Bank Digital Currencies. In other words, Carstens is introducing total-totalitarianism.


The stuff you’re talking about is already here.

All major currencies are digital. If you want to create new money, you just tap a few keys and the amount can he transferred to where you want it to go.

Same goes for surveillance. You can assume all your bank transfers, card purchases are in some database that the government can access at will. The banks have all sorts of systems monitoring our transactions and if you’re perceived to be doing someone you shouldn’t, people will be notified.

“Perceived”, currently personally experiencing it…

So you bought a dress but it’s not your wife’s size… Banks policing for adultery? Well, anything goes these days I guess… :icon_beer:

The infrastructure that is currently set up is to monitor and defect genuine financial crime and tax evasion. The systems could certainly be modified to find adulterous husbands, or any other transaction that takes place digitally. The data is all there and available.

2000 Screws

50 shades, eat your heart out.

ISO 20022

Pippa Malmgren on that coming reset of the world Financial system :whistle:


Johhny’s Cash and the smart money nightmare.

Only 1 in 200 Nigerians are using their CBDC a year after its launch. Particularly heartening to hear young people rejecting it due to “suspicions of the central bank’s motives.”

Perhaps it because they are all here.

He said that the digital euro would never be “programmable money” – meaning that the ECB would not set any limitations on where, when and to whom people can pay with a digital euro.