Celia & Fingers

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I think this is a warning shot from Fingers. I would bet that he has plenty of dirt of Bertie and FF.

He may have given back the €1m bonus but what about the €27m pension?

Is there an emoticon with a rubbing of hands in expectation? (and maybe a lickng of lips)


We will hear nothing. They know if he is pushed he will push back on as far as they are concerned they have nothing to gain from getting the €27m back so they won’t push.

While I’m not shocked by this, I have had exposure to underwriting procedures during my career, the amount seems excessive based on lack of experience with the customer.

For an average customer, their credit rating would first be checked. Then their outstanding loans.
Such a high personal loan relative to previous personal loans would be checked. It is difficult to seeing it beign approved without prior experience within the bank. This is why fingers would have to approve.

ID and all that stuff is just your run of the mill KYC ( know your customer) which wouldn’t take a minute or two to do.

We need to go after the other €27 million.

Now we are getting somewhere…

She probably should have been tagged as a PEP ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Politically_exposed_person ) given her previous relationship with Bartholomew. Afaik once a PEP always a PEP.

Some day the cap will come off on all of this gombeenism. I only hope the main protagonists and their side-kicks and those that championed them into power are still alive to be publicly shamed, humiliated and thrown destitute onto the streets.

Can we change the thread title, thought I was on the wrong site for a moment

Correct. This sort of hookery is the filthy underbelly of the guarantee scheme.

Do you really think there is €27m there to be got…

Of course it is still there. It is a pension and he hasn’t started to draw it down yet.

Now this is getting good!


I’m not so sure myself, how are you so sure?

I believe the amount has significantly decreased, it was invested in equities - greed seems to know no bounds. It sounds like it was transferred into some sort of ARF, so it was free to be gambled with and to pass on to his heirs. If it had remained with the INBS scheme, I presume that he would have been entitled to his 2/3rds pension, and Mrs. Fingleton after his death to her widow’s pension, but after that, any residual assets would remain part of the scheme.

Fingers knows where the bodies are buried, has photos of them doing it and has planted GPS in the caskets. mess with him at your peril…
This is gonna be FUN!

I said he had a shovel himself…

The fund is down to about €4m after tax they were saying yesterday…

Follow the money

Are you suggesting Fingers has some connection to the Sheedy affair?

I’ll off to the beach…bring me news of our victory. 8-