Celtic Bookmakers goes bust


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The man is very worldly… :unamused:


He was actually really terrified of flying; they did a piece not long ago where they were talking to a company that helps people get over their fear of flying & he mentioned how they helped him. If you can’t/won’t fly, your options for overseas holidays are rather sparse. I even think his trips to Aintree were via ferry.


There is always France.


On the other hand, we have the Bullshit, Mata Harney, Forty Gaffs who have no such problems with flight for either them or their spouses… worldly does not involve first class flights.

Unfortunately there is… :wink:


He’s been on 2 trips in 20 years? Jaysus, I wonder did Celtic get value like that from all their consultants… I think the answer is, yes they did…


29 Celtic Bookmakers shops saved

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HOOLA! 29 vice dens to stay open!
29 more opportunities for addicts to gamble their families under the table! HOOLA!
Glory be the jobs are saved! But who will save the addicts’ wives and their starving children??? :open_mouth:


Very pertinent post.
Gambling is a very unrecognized addiction in this country.
Remember that when you’re thinking of poor Ivan.


+1, But after a decade of property speculation crowned by a series of failed ‘double or nothing’ wagers by our Government, I think the scale of the problem is very apparent. You’ll know the addict when he says we were just unlucky. :unamused:


At least we won’t have to hear Ivan belting out the odds for the next Government… :angry:


Yates gives an in-depth interview to the Indo. Why would he do this now?
Independent - Bank charges Yates €4,000 interest each week on his debts

The assets: what can and can’t be touched
To stay or go – ex-minister now at third crossroads in career
Final collapse of his life’s work took just 25 minutes


I think he’s been open about the business failure since it happened, & regularly mentions in on Newstalk. The question is more, why is the Indo talking about it now ?


His cynical commentary regarding this topic viewtopic.php?f=4&t=43808


In fairness to Yates, he seems to have confronted his debts head-on and in an honourable fashion.
Too many of those in similar situations appear to have hidden assets all over the place in an effort to salvage/steal what they can.


The Indo seems to be trying to humiliate Yates. I don’t know why he would have anything to do with them. The fact that they are owned by his boss at newstalk also raises questions.

Apart from that, the Indo seem to have reached an understanding with FG that FG are just brill. Some FGers not happy with Yates one the radio. Is this a coincidence? I reckon so. The fact that the Indo are a shower of assholes seems most likely explanation for targeted personal humiliation of Yates and his family.


I think your second point might be very correct. He’s very critical and more so probably becasue he knows how the game works and sure he probably still has contact.

However dealing with your first point, O’Biren owns Newstalk and Ton O’Reilly the Indo via INM en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Independent_News_%26_Media.

I think I have that right? Anything else.


As OW points out Yeates works for DO’B - he might be the largest shareholder in INM but due to the O’Reillys still call the shot (I believe the dual class share structure is not what it was but either way The Indo cannot be said to do O’Brien’s bidding; much as he would like it to do so)


@O.W. @slasher

Point taken and acknowledged.


SBP reporting that Newstalk are looking for a replacement … As Yates plans UK bankruptcy


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