Celtic Bookmakers goes bust


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Another run away baby.

Go cry on your Queen’s shouder Alan, you’re a 100% bolox in my eyes.


That’s moronic.

The legislation to move there to go bankrupt was in place when he took out the loans, so what is the problem?


The problem is that he has chosen to move outside and away from the legislation of Ireland to pick and choose legislation in another state to suit his best interests.

The problem is that he was an Irish State legislator, a former minister in fact with the ability to set up good laws to the benefit of all people of Ireland.
But he, along with so many other elected politicians, don’t really implement good laws here.

The legal system in this country is a travesty. His use of the legislation of another country, while legal, is hypocritical IMHO.

It’s also a bit interesting that he seems to have been given an easy time in my opinion in the UK courts (actually the WALES courts).

Like with 75,000 income per year on that fancy ministerial pension I’d like to know why AIB didn’t ask for a lien to be placed on a fair portion of that pension.
Looks like this was planned and arranged from the get go.


Well that didn’t take long

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#NewsTalk is delighted to announce Ivan Yates’ return to @breakfastnt with @chrisrdonoghue Bit.ly/13049GB pic.twitter.com/6jIagoi4CO


I wonder did he ever resign, or was it just a leave of absence?


So I guess bankruptcy tourism won’t be one of the hot topics on the new Pat Kenny show


Being too rich to go bankrupt must feel so unfair.


Pfft Do you lot not remember Bobby Ewing in the shower…Same as it ever was

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Great to hear Ivan Yates is back + returning to Newstalk Weds .Also First Interview PK doing tomorrow is with Ivan –Welcome Back Ivan


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He is moaning about living in Swansea in a 2 bedroom and going drinking beer in the pub all day. There are many working people and even 2 working incomes that cant afford to sit around a pub all day drinking. The fact that he gets sympathy for this sickens me


Some way to spend your time in your “main centre of interest” (to borrow from the O’Donnell article). I really thought you had to be up to more than swimming in the local muni to avail of the bankruptcy laws.


This is probably a stupid question but was he not required to demonstrate that his center of business (is that the term?) was in the UK?

Wasn’t it Sean Quinn that tried to go bankrupt in NI but was told to get lost?

Yates never even pretended to be doing anything other than gaming the system.


Did the bookie shops not have some tie in to Swansea if I recall correctly…that’s how he chose there for his sojurn


Had the impression a few years ago that Ivan was not a bad sort, got in too deep with expensive upward only leases on the bookmaking business and failed to insulate his private property form the business, a combination of arrogance, over optimism and ignorance. Not the first, not the last. Reading the diatribe in the independent yesterday, it is fairly obvious that the arrogance and ignorance remain and that is unforgivable, really it is pathetic. His pouring to the independent raise several questions:
What did he live off for more than a year in Swansea, was he on the scratcher over there or in Ireland? How did he finance rent and maintain 2 homes if he was in fact bankrupt? How often did he travel back and forth and what costs there? Did he actually resign and leave Newstalk? Did he in fact ever work in the UK, even gain any income there? Can a complaint be made to the UK authorities that this was an abuse of their bankruptcy laws on the basis of his statements of activity while based in the UK, his return to work at prior employer in Ireland, and his apparent maintenance of a home in Ireland during his bankruptcy??

Ireland is fubarred, Ivan is the example of the good guy, the man who did it openly, who just took advantage of the laws of the UK, poor lad lost his fathers house. Now out of bankruptcy he is happy to share his story, to still complain about AIB, happy to rub our noses in the debts he passed on to the taxpayer. And a broadcaster is happy to hire him back to provide him with a voice, because it obviously sells, is obviously what people want to hear. Makes my blood boil, not sure if I am more pissed off with him or with the ever increasingly dumb populace who seem to have transformed into idiot ostriches.

Enjoy paying Ivans debts for him as he tells you his sob story.


According to the Irish Times he lived off his Ministerial / TD pension, which was STG 3,130 per month, after tax. His wife continued to work as a teacher in Ireland, and travelled over every two weeks or so.


I recall 74k being mentioned as his Dail pension. Without this, he would not have been able to survive, he claims.

This gave him a net income of approx £3100 p.m.

I imagine he retains this income into the future. I am not sure if any charge exists over the Newstalk income, which is probably of a similar magnitude.

The humanity of it all, being forced to spend a year in Swansea and starting over with nothing at all in the world, only a massive pension and a lucrative media role.

I don’t begrudge the guy to be honest. He seems a likeable sort, did what was best for his family and seems to have come out the other side.

I just don’t get how it is some sort of sob story.


Ahhh, the auld pension, isn’t that grand! Unreal


Did he vote for the bailout? Did he ask the state to support his bankers? Did he have any role in “passing his debts” to the state?

He wasn’t a developer or an specuvestor. His bad decisions were property related to an extent but that was entering into long leases.

Is every person who gets into trouble here to go a live a hermitage life having acknowledged they had their chance an blew it? If that is the case, Ireland really is fucked.


Jeez good to see that Ivan was in Rashers Tierney like accommodation to commemorate the 1913 lock out

From twitter

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I wonder is this the 2 bed flat at Meridian Wharf Ivan Yates stayed in, when not drinking the day away hard aul life


I would hate a holiday there drinking all day and coming home to a flat like that