Celtic Bookmakers goes bust


I agree with a lot of what he says surprisingly (but not all)


Or “incentivising people to stop paying their mortgages” as it should be called.

Gotta love the use of the word “promulgate”… followed by “right downs”. It’s like a Celtic tiger cub ordering a “Moeh and Chandon” 8DD


irishtimes.com/business/reta … -1.2183730

does this mean a year on the piss in Swansea followed by a radio gig for someone?


They deserve it for those Godawful Ladbrokes Life ads that make me grind my teeth.


Paddy Power must be the only profit-making bookies in ireland.


It always brings a smile to my face to see bookies in trouble. A viler, less productive ‘industry’ would be difficult to imagine.


They stencilled taglines of that ad campaign on the pavement around the city, admittedly with something non-permanent.

I’m so happy that they got the Brit-lad idiot flavour of the campaign so utterly wrong for the Irish market of idiots :laughing: Bye bye 8DD


I went into a ladbrokes today as they were giving a very generous price on Bayern Munich (-1), wrote out my betslip and went up to the counter, the guy told me I couldn’t place the bet with him, but I could use the terminal in the shop to place the bet, I checked the terminal and the price was substantially worse than that available on the internet, so I asked the guy again, could he not take the bet manually, he told me that it wasn’t possible. I did manage to place it in another ladbrokes later in the day, but, to me it typified why they are always empty, the company is not interested in taking wagers or employing staff with any interest (I did feel a little guilty when I heard the examinership news later), but surely that’s just a play to get rid of staff and renegotiate rents.

By the way, I mostly use shops nowadays to hide my illicit habit from the mortgage underwriters!!


Good bet!


That’s not just Ladbrokes, they all appear to hire chimps who haven’t a clue. Ever try place an Asian handicap bet in a shop? “but but you can’t score a quarter goal…”

Same goes with compilers etc. Rather than adopt the Pinnacle / SBO approach of hiring the sharpest people (they also bet to wafer thin margins and have very high limits) they hire muppets who haven’t a clue and then heavily restrict the accounts of anyone who appears to remotely have a clue. And its getting worse. It used to be the case where you had to be pretty good to get restricted now its almost a case of “yer man’s a mug but not a hopeless problem type mug so restrict him”.

Strangely a certain postman in Gorey had no problem getting what he wanted on with Powers on what ever event (40k on a women’s football match anyone?)


Yeah, but it’s not all bad, it’s happened on more than one occasion where my asian -1.0 has paid on a straight hcap of -1, in fact I’ve a Bayern -2.0 Asian to collect tomorrow which will be interesting :smiley:


irishtimes.com/business/reta … -1.2213113

surprise surprise - Ladbrokes wants out of leases without paying I wonder what the business would be like without the high rents they agreed to pay


Good thread, my biggest surprise when this news broke was that it was Ladbrokes, and not blue-themed firm that was the latest in Ireland to get into trouble.

The machines in the shop are a joke, the prices come from a third party based in Australia (I think). Powers have recently ceased this and their machine prices now match their own I believe.


irishtimes.com/business/reta … -1.2236400

Ivan Yates mused over this yesterday - wistfully you’d imagine…

Cuckoo in the Nest

Ladbrokes’ fast one not coming off as cleanly as they hoped - hoped to renege on leases and retain the good locations, Boyle schticking their oar in :smiley:


Noticed today that the nearby Ladbrokes’s sign has disappeared. I wonder if they’ll be open in the morning.


Ivan Yates comments on the State being too broke for more education resources and…


Who would want to educate kids when you can pay pensions to non pensioners ex Ministers


Is that taxed?


Yes. Taxed in Ireland, regardless of actual residence


He went further down in my estimation when it became clear he has no idea who Maya Angelou is.