Census 2022 results

Census 2022 Preliminary Results out this Thursday

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I know of many not counted. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No surprises for those that were counted

Highest population in a Census since 1841

  • Population of 5.1 million on 03 April 2022 – an increase of 7.6% from Census 2016
  • All counties show population growth since 2016
  • Longford saw biggest percentage increase (+14.1%), followed by Meath (+12.9%)
  • In the six years between Census 2016 and Census 2022, there was net inward migration of more than 190,000
  • Housing stock increased to 2.1m (+6%)
  • Vacant dwellings (excluding holiday homes) fell to 166,752 (-9%)

Press Statement Census of Population 2022 - Preliminary Results - CSO - Central Statistics Office



So, officially migration into Ireland is running at about 38,000 per annum. Unofficially, we can see with our eyes and ears it must be more like double that.

Post 2016 election, where there wasn’t a peep out of the democrats of FG and FF, Coveney decided to inform us that the rag tag coalition arrangement FG formed for 5 years with FF would set out on the road to Ireland 2040 and growing the population by 1million, at least half of whom would be fresh migrants.

Starting from 2016, at this current official run rate of 38,000 per annum, even the target in Coveney’s decree will have been surpassed by 2030, let alone 2040.

Once the terms of Coveney’s decree have been met, will a halt be called to Plantation 2040 plans, not bloody likely if FF’s exchange in the Dail yesterday is anything to go by.


Further info in this presentation

Meanwhile the empties time has come as predicted and just in the nick of time for the rest of the worlds housing needs!

CSO have launched Census 2027 Public Consultation


You can submit suggested questions online here