Central Bank Consultation - Policy for mortgage lending


I love how the times add the fact he is worried about a hung Dail. Who better to seek political advice from other than your local property developer.


My usual quarterly analysis of the BPFI/PwC mortgage lending report is here



fair play to those pinsters taking the time to write…


Good man Bill.


Hah!!! I strike again.

I clearly have too much time on my hands!!


Greg Kavanagh :unamused:
talk about Messi-anic complex :smiley:



What an absolute mongo.


The view from the Inside

Twelve months after the introduction of the new mortgage rules, commentators seem to have reached a consensus that they have been bad for homebuyers, but good for financial stability.
independent.ie/life/home-gar … 51079.html

He nearly got as far there as blaming the CB for 9/11 !!


It’s no longer ‘families’ that homes are out of reach of, it’s now ‘workers’ as well…keep her lit Charley!

€51,000 deposit puts homes beyond the reach of workers
independent.ie/business/pers … 16814.html

So there’s a conspiracy at play also to hide the truth!

Ivan Yates spoke about this ealrier on radio and said that the CB rules should not be the focus of attention, it’s supply and the costs of building that are the problems. Basic stuff that seems to be beyond the grasp of most Commentators and Joe Soaps


Saving 8K more in Cork is out of the reach of workers?! Were there seriously that many applying for mortgages with only 24K saved?


Irish Times follows up with zero analysis

Soaring deposits puts houses out of first-time buyers’ reach

irishtimes.com/business/pers … -1.2563156


Strange - before the CBI rules soaring prices were putting houses out of first-time buyers’ reach

However that scenario was welcomed :angry:


That Indo article now has a poll on it about whether the CB rules should be relaxed
Currently 56% in favour of changing them


Tbh a survey like that is worthless

How many people would welcome a return to 2006? Doesn’t mean its a good idea


Guessing with a new government incoming we’ll really see a ramp up in opposition from the media to these rules?


Of course it’s worthless…but no doubt the Indo/CW will quote the final resutls (if in their favour) for months to come


“Don’t you want more money???”
“Yes! Yes, I do!!”*

*More money for all will simply bid up house prices for same house. Sadness guarenteed.


George Hook arguing strongly for the retention of the rules earlier on the radio.
Indo profits are on the up, if they could only get the rules relaxed the sky would be the limit for that property supplement.


Indo and Newstalk are both owned by DOB so in this case Hookie is arguing against his master’s interests.


I’d much rather the deposit was out of reach then the total price.
Not being able to get to €50k deposit is a much smaller problem then being stuck with a €500k mortgage and an inadequate salary, even if it doesn’t feel that way when you’re looking to buy a house.