Central Bank Consultation - Policy for mortgage lending


Brendan O’Connor been sharing his pearls of wisdom about the property market for nearly a decade…

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I’ve read that before but it really is worth taking a moment with the benifit of hindsight to read it again.

So many cliches in one article and an opinion so wholesomly and manifestly wrong in so many ways on so many levels.

If there was an IgNoble prize for journalism that would be a winner.


He is an “entertainer” looking for attention …the indo is a rag.
He has his own agenda and audience I’m sure …after all “people who read tabloids deserve to be lied to” :smiley:


A stone cold classic :laughing:


Yes, Brendan, I can understand that quite easily, because I am not a moron.


He’s a travel writer now …no end to this man’s talents …he is trying a little too hard to convince us he is in the posh part of “da canaries”

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He would be a perfect presenter for …A Place in the Sun…talking shite about his two favourite topics… property and sun holidays


Looks like Mr. Fagan of the Central Bank is not listening to Ballsy & Co.

rte.ie/news/business/2016/04 … -bulletin/


Sensible and Strong …exactly what’s needed

*In an interview with RTÉ News the bank’s chief economist Gabriel Fagan also said the new mortgage rules will be a permanent feature of the market.

Mr Fagan said while the rules were being reviewed this year the threshold of evidence to make changes would be high.

He stressed that the restrictions were in place to promote financial stability and avoid another crisis.*


That article is simply mind boggling.
I thought he had learned his lesson from his previous hostages to fortune, obviously not.
All the “voices” of the nation seem to be reading from the same sheet of toilet paper when it comes to the CB rules and the housing problem.


Thank you God for Patrick Honhan and the sensible continentals he appointed to the Central Bank. They have saved the paddies from themselves and for that they deserve a fast track sainthood at minimum.


The Central Bank continue to give me hope that there are intelligent people in decision making positions in the country, them and… :angry:


My word association goes: canaries… :confused:
:bulb: small yellow birds? maybe telescopes? :question:

Clearly B. O’C. and the rest of us occupy different intellectual spaces (though in his case, it’s probably mostly space (and not in a good way :smiley: ) :frowning:


Colm McCarthy hits the nail on the head with this one

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a decent piece
“Bankers urging higher income multiples must be confident that a sane housing policy for Dublin is unlikely”* …the cabal is safe.

*“But lending young people large multiples of income to buy properties at **artificial **Dublin prices exposes both lender and borrower to the risk of a sane housing policy.” *

“Suppose a future government decided to deal with the artificial supply constraint in the Dublin area by removing the scarcity of zoned and serviced land” …most likely they will do nothing but tinker with demand …preserve the cabal …and a future external shock will rock the boat.


This common sense piece is printed in the sunday independent!
credit where it is due. There is hardly a word in that article one could argue with objectively.
No sense of this analysis visible during all the discussions leading to the general election.


Logic and sense, can we send a copy to every TD please.


"Why not offer cheaper homes, instead of higher pay and higher debts?"

independent.ie/opinion/comme … 33864.html

No your eyes are not deceiving you. This article was published in an Irish Newspaper…the Sindo!!

I think I need to lie down :smiley:


Emily O’Reilly’s biogaphy of Veronica Guerin is fascinating reading and I think a lot of its insights into print journalism in Ireland are still relevant 20 years later.

One of the things she pointed out was that the Sindo is several papers at the same time. There is weak editorial consistency. There is a lot of volume. Readers pick the bits of the paper they like and stick with them.

I never buy it but when I pick up a copy in a hotel I always get 20 minutes of decent reading out of it.


COLM McCarthy is by far the best economic commentator in the press.