Central Bank & Financial Services Authority Art Consultancy

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Once again, the financial regulator is demonstrating a clear and well-defined set of priorities.

I like art as much as the next man,but in this instance words fail me. :open_mouth:

oh for fucks sake…
the only art they should have on the walls are these

course…we laugh too much perhaps. This could be a cunning plan, to get someone into the CB to value the art collection of the banks

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Constantin is on this already
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It is just past the first anniversary of the resignation of that useless cunt Patrick Neary, who walked into the sunset with a huge payoff after publicly stating that neither he not his staff were competent enough to regulate the financial services industry.

Given that the art on the walls did not expand their brains and render them competent (by their own standards), maybe it is time to sell the lot.

No doubt they will respond that any criticism is opportunistic just like the criticism of spending 61,000 on a chandelier for the Dail was so rejected.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the financial regulator could not regulate a small soft bowel movement, let alone a financial services industry.

Wow. Pass the crack pipe. Suddenly, the clouds of ganja smoke laying around the CBFSAI HQ like a thick smog begins to make sense.

Can you imagine how many meetings were devoted to writing this tender and how many staff had to attend the meetings and the kind of points that were raised? How did somebody resist the urge to jump up and shout “How the fuck is appointing a new fucking ART CONSULTANT really a pressing priority for the Financial Regulatory authority during the ongoing meltdown of the entire banking system?”

The Carter administration’s drawing up of detailed plans and appointment of various expert groups for dealing with the question of what to do in the event of an alien invasion spring to mind.

Why not just invite in the last financial regulator and get him to smear his own shit all over the walls in the CB reception area.
Portrait of the artist as a dung man.
Art imitating life.

Yet again these kind of people illustrate just how far removed they are from the daily realities of the average person

I notice that the Irish Broadcasting Authority plans to increase its spending by 27% this year. Perhaps they have developed an expensive art habit too.

Has this been raised in the mainstream media yet? I just cant believe this isnt a huge controversy given that theres a recruitment freeze in schools and other state institutions.

on rte 9pm news now

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but just reportage.
Someone get onto them and ask - the cost is?

Recall that the regulator didnt have a single person on its staff with a professional risk qualification, or a single member with doctoral level training…but the pictures sure look purty…

The CBFSAI were at pains to point out on the RTE news that the role was “temporary and part-time”. While the tender states that the contract is three years extendible to four, there is absolutely no mention of it being part-time.

However, the funniest part of the RTE news piece was the justification of buying art on the basis that “some of the pieces had gone up in value”. Clearly the government needs to review the Financial Regulator’s mandate and remove the words “art speculation” and replace them with “financial regulation”.

They’ve got one application in.

Irish Times onto it now
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The Truman show never reached this level of absurdity

For those who may have an interest download below.