Central bank watch, live web cam

I just found this webcam…

You can see the central bank upper floors here, lets see if the top floors are aglow tonight.


Link? Thanks

So the cleaning ladies in the CB are going to cause a run on the banks :slight_smile:

I got it from here
dublincity.ie/RoadsandTraffi … asMap.aspx

A canny shortseller could pass the nightwatchman a fiver to turn on a few lights overnight and crash the banks in the morning. :smiley:



OW? Thanks for your many years of service. Here’s a peanut. You’re fired.

OW was a slacker anyway. Walked out on the job last night, he was doing a nixer called ‘the day job’. Not acceptable at all. Anyway we have a much cheaper, reliable and more productive electronic Chief Central Bank Nocturnal Observation Operations Technician now, even cheaper than a Pole! :wink:

It seems to be stuck at 18.13. They must have heard us!

Might have to send OW up to fix that cam :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah sure it’ll give him something to do

That first image in whizzbangs post actually updates to the latest picture. N1 whizzbang!

Looks like all the lights are on in the Central Bank at the moment:

Would it be better to wait till the early hours to judge if something is wrong?

It certainly does.

I might nip by later…

See - that’s why we still have people - you can’t beat the human touch :wink:

no no! Lets replace people with code :smiley:

Very well, I’ll replace you with a TS (test and set) which has the added bonus for you in that you serialise access in a multi-processor complex.

2Gaffs can be a BXLE (Branch on Index Less than or Equal) since I haven’t seen it in many a year.

I’m sure I came across a BXLE lately.

I’ve never used one though. Ever.

Looks like just one of the top floors has light now:

before for comparison:

The TOP floor has lights, Hurley must be in !

Nah, the juniors are just playing wheeeee in his wheeled chair and singing “ding dong the witch is dead”. It happens all the time in central banks.